What Can I mix with Gin instead of Tonic? (Pt1)

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Hello gin fans!

Welcome to part one of my six-part miniseries showcasing six different brands of alternative flavoured tonic waters you need to try in 2019. In this video, I'm gonna showcase Fever-Tree's flavoured tonic waters. So if that sounds like something you wanna listen to- then stay tuned. As I already mentioned, today, in the first part of this six part miniseries, I'm focusing on Fever-Tree's flavoured tonic waters and I know I'm gonna lose some purists in this miniseries. The truth is, purists really wanna be able to taste the botanicals in their gins, rather than go a bundle on the flavoured tonic waters. But if you are like me, I'm all about the finished drink and what the finished drink actually tastes like. So I absolutely love my flavoured tonic waters. I really can't wait to show you some more brands coming up in the next few videos. Meanwhile, for today, let's focus on Fever-Tree.


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I get these Questions all the time…

What can I mix with gin instead of tonic?

What can I mix with gin besides tonic?

What mixes good with gin?

What can I drink with gin if i don't like tonic?

What can you mix with gin to make it taste good?

What are the best gin mixers to mix with at parties?

What are the best gin mixers for your home bar?

What is a Simple mixer for gin rather than tonic?

What are the common mixers for gin?

Now, there are so many different answers to these questions. A lot of people don’t like Tonic because of the bitter Quinine taste. However, not all Tonic Waters…especially the flavoured tonics…have a high Quinine content. You can also try Soft Drinks too, and there will be another playlist showcasing soft drinks coming in the spring of 2019. But for now, this Playlist focuses on Flavoured Tonic waters that taste REALLY, really, good with your favourite Gins.


Fever-Tree are no stranger to us in the UK. These flavours have been around for quite a while now, at least for a good number of years/ I can't even think when they got launched. I would guess five years or so. That’s around 2014 or 2015- maybe. I can't quite remember. The thing is, I've been used to them for so long. and they are a staple bar of any pub or bars offerings to be fair.Yet not many people really know how to pair them. And there are a couple of thrilling things with Fever-Tree Tonic Waters. Such as: they are out and out sort of a quinine tonic waters, they're not like some of the flavours I'm gonna come onto in the rest of this miniseries, they are very sort of quinine heavy, among others. Very quickly, I’ll talk you through them. Though I'm not gonna go into depth and make these videos long. Instead, they're gonna be short and sweet videos. I’ll be talking about four of them, which are Fever-Tree's Mediterranean Tonic Water, the Elderflower Tonic Water, the Aromatic Tonic Water, and the Lemon Tonic Water.

Now, I’ll break them down for more clarity.

The Mediterranean Tonic Water is not something many people are familiar with. Simply, the flavour of this tonic water is basically rosemary with lemon thyme. It's designed to go with your citrus and herbaceous gins, anything from like Tanqueray Ten, your Boondocks, and Gin Mare, which is a big one that I use that for. But it actually works very well with some of the fruitier gins as well. In recent times, for some weeks now, I've been rolling this out with Tanqueray's Flor de Sevilla and the Whitney Neill's Blood Orange. Interestingly, they go very well with the orangey gins and actually work really well with something like Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin. That is Mediterranean Tonic Water.

As for the Elderflower Tonic, it’s more designed to go with your fresh floral gins such as your Hendrick's, Caorunn's. The Botanists, Rock Rose is such a lovely gin for the Elderflower Tonic. But it does actually go remarkably well with more kinds of raspberry gins. Here, I am not particularly referring to Gordon's Pink or Beefeater or anything of such. I’m rather talking about Whitney Neill Raspberry that works exceptionally well with it, and your Pinkster's. Actually, if you're a Pinkster fan, that's a very good tonic water.




Talking about the Aromatic Tonic Water, that actually takes me back to when I first started bartending. If I can recollect, I think pink gins, back in the days, actually stemmed from maybe the 60's and 70's. When I first started bartending in the 90's, pink gins were all about your standard gin, with an addition of tonic Angostura bitters added in. And that's why Fever-Tree launched their Aromatic Tonic Water. Obviously, Angostura is in there. So this tonic water is designed to go more with your robust and juniper kind of gins. Opihr, being a big one that I serve that with, is some kind of heavy gin. There are also the likes of Sipsmith, normal Tanqueray. Specifically, these are my favorites because I'm Cornish- I really love putting that with Tarquin's as well. And that is that about the Ar