Hey, I'm Steve the Barman and I've been Bartending since 1995. I'm all about FUN. So I'm not here to show you classic Cocktails. I'm here to give you Fun Inspiration so you can impress friends and family at home! 


Who is Steve the Barman?!

Why Hire Me?!

You’ve got a Special Occasion coming up...whether that’s a Hen Party, Birthday or a Team Building Day. You’re going to WANT to Hire me because, not only do I help YOU create much needed WOW, but you’ll LOVE that I make it MEMORABLE for years to come. You hire me and I take care of the rest!

I get hired a lot these days as a Comedic and Fun Entertainer. Gone are the days where i get involved in the head down and serve kind of Events. Instead, I like to shape events. I like to make sure everyone has a smile on their face. And I like to make sure that people wake up the next morning thinking, WOW, what a great night.

Steve the Barman | Bartender | Consultant | Spirits Expert
Steve the Barman | Bartender | Consultant | Spirits Expert

I'm a proud Cornishman who absolutely LOVES to help you in 4 specific ways;.

  • To Teach you how to make Amazing Cocktails. Hen Parties & Corporate Team "Away Days" are a Speciality!

  • To Share all my 20+ Years worth of knowledge about Spirits...specifically Gin & Rum! Mainly via my YouTube Channel.

  • To help other Mobile Bars, Gin Bars, Bartenders, Pubs and Bars succeed.

  • Point out the Awesome places to Visit back home in Cornwall!

I'm one of life's Givers! If I can help you in any way, I will. And while I obviously need to make Money to survive, I'm more about the Memories and Experiences. Creating Memories is far more important to me that £££ in the Bank! That's why, no matter what time i finish on Saturday Night, I always take Mummy Barman out for Brekkie on Sunday...unless I have an Event of course, in which case, it'll be Monday!

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How I got to where I am today

(The Brief Edit!)

1995 - My First Ever Bar Shift at 18yo and 1 day!

1996 - Became a Manager for Greene King

1996 - Realised I REALLY didn't like Beer & Wine. Ooooooh, RUM!!!

1999 - Learned Cocktail and "Bartender Skills" in London on my Days off from my main Job

1999 - Got Christened as Steve the Barman (StB!)

It was even my Facebook name until they totally kicked me off in 2014 because "The" contravened their Rules. So now I'm Just Steve Barman.

Of course my Biz Page is "Steve the Barman" though.

...and the answer to your Next Question...Webb.

2001 - Did my first ever "Event", Yeah Event Bartending is very different to High Street Bartending.

2012 - Thirst First Ltd was Launched in October.

After 16 years of Running Pubs & Bars in Cambridge, Essex, Herts and London (Including a good Stint in Cambridge University), I quit the comfort of a Monthly Pay Cheque and Launched my own Business.


2016 - January - Niched in Smaller Events

I spent 2012 to January 2016 taking Weddings and Birthdays for anything up to 250 People. Even took a Corporate Gig for 600 people once. After 3.5 Years, realised I hated it.

I much preferred the Smaller, more intimate Events where I got a chance to Chat to Guests.

2016 - Easter - Finally Found my "Why!"

Why am I doing what I'm doing?! During 2015 & 2016 I had done a hell of a lot of Cocktail Making Presentations at Business Networking Events...even up on stage at a Business Show at London ExCel "What the Billion Dollar Gin Industry can teach you about you and your business!". (by Hell of a lot, I lost count at 130ish in 2 years! - sometimes as many as 5 times a week!)

I always thought my "Why" was to simply help other people have fun.

Nope, my Business Coach spent 3 sessions Dragging it out of me!

Turns out my "Why" is Teaching and Educating. I love to help people Learn!

2016 - October - Started putting more emphasis on to Cocktail Making Classes & Teaching.

2017 - March - Started taking my YouTube and Videos a bit more seriously

Regular Content being released! It's been a Stop Start Video Journey, but in 2018 I'm rolling videos twice a week!

2018 - I'm now averaging 6 Hen Party Cocktail Masterclasses a Month

* Edit - July 2018, I've just completed 11 Hen Parties this month! NUTs. Have even got one booked for the Tuesday after Bank Holiday August. TUESDAY!!!! *

YouTube and Facebook Videos are flying

Consultancy & Training is Flying

2020 - January

Well 2019 was a flippin busy Year. The Year of sooo many Repeat Clients rebooking me for Parties. My 250th Hen Party. The year I fully monetized my YouTube Channel!

See the Review of 2019 Here

I still haven't got my shiny Blue VW Campervan. But it's on the List for 2020*. As long as I stop spending every penny I earn on Day Trips to the Coast, Kelly's Ice Cream, Crazy Shirts and Rum & Gin!

*2020 Edit...

I've decided that while I love these awesome VW Machines, actually, I don't want it yet. I'm gonna wait till I'm 50 and on the verge of retirement. In the meantime, Train Tickets and Hotel Rooms and making memories are waaay more important than dropping £40k on a thing that just gets you from A to B!!

Blue VW Campervan.  My Dream
My 2020 Vision!!

Of course, Every Blog post needs a Call to Action...

So... Hire me!

Do I sound right up your street?!

Am I the kind of guy that would ROCK your Party?

Would you love to sit down and chat Booze things with me, so I can help you grow your Pub, Bar or Gin Trailer?!

Have you got a Hen Party or Birthday coming up...and deep down you know your Guests would Love me?!

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Who I've worked with...

There are way too many people to mention here. I'm up to well over 800 Clients now from the past 8 years. But the 2 Pictures below are a montage of some of my Private Clients and some of my Corporate Clients.

Just a tiny selection of some of Steve the Barmans Clients
Just a tiny selection of some of Steve the Barmans Clients

My Overall Event Stats...

(as of 31/12/2019)

  • ​877 Events catered for since Launch in 2012.

  • 90,000+ Cocktails served, including 25,000+ Porn Star Martini’s. That’s 6250+ Passion Fruits and nearly 1000 bottles of Absolut Vodka and the same in Passoa!

  • 130kg of Mint and 2000+ Bottles of Havana 3yo Rum used for Mojitos.

  • Well over 40,000kg of Ice used to shake and serve Cocktails! That's 40+ Tonnes!

  • Cocktail Shakers dropped…3

  • Full Bottles Broken...3. I genuinely can't remember anymore than that! Mind you one of those was Grenadine. NEVER EVER drop a Bottle of Grenadine!

  • Weirdest Event Location…right next to a Gorilla in the Natural History Museum!

  • Largest Event...640 guests

  • Smallest Event...6 guests

  • Celebrities served...19. Rachel Riley, Thandie Newton and Emma Spencer by far my favvies.

  • Royalty in PROPER Royalty!

  • Late Night McDonalds, Burger Kings or KFCs…too many! What else is open at 1am! I am pleased to say that since 1st April 2018, i have been Fast Food Free!!!!

  • Friends made...LOADS.

2019 Breakdown of Event, The Stats...

As I did last year, I’ve spent about an Hour in Xero, looking at the Cool Stats. So here we go…

  • 158 Events catered for....That’s an average of 13 per month, or 3 a week!!

Which breaks down as follows…

  • 96 Cocktail Masterclasses

  • 34 All Inclusive Cocktail Parties

  • 17 Gin Tasting Nights

  • 9 Consultancy and Training gigs for Bars & Pubs

  • 2 Rum Tasting Nights

Putting the 9 Training gigs to one side, those Events also break down like this…

  • 83 Hen parties

  • 37 Birthdays

  • 29 Corporate Events

Want another cool stat too?!?

I’ve purchased 109 Bottles of Passoa. So that can only mean, we collectively made 3000+ Pornstar Martinis Last year!!!! Because, I don’t really use Passoa for anything else!

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