Who is Steve the Barman?!

  • YouTuber

  • Rum Expert (In Training)

  • Epic Hen Party Cocktail Masterclasses (up to x15)

  • Proud Cornishman residing in South Cambridgeshire!

How Can I help you?!

Well, Covid was interesting for me! Transitioning my Business from In-Person Events, being the UK's No1* Hen Party Cocktail Masterclass entertainer, to YouTuber! I'd been uploading consistently to YouTube since 2017. But that very first weekend of Lockdown 1.0, my Channel exploded, Now my claim to fame is the most viewed Pornstar Martini person on the interwebs! And now generate in excess 350,000 views a month over my 5 Channels.

In Summer 2021, I decided to niche my main YouTube Channel and focus on my True Passion. RUM. I wanted to embark on a Rum journey and take as many people along for the ride as possible. Focusing on Rums under £50! And that is what my YouTube Channel is now. Rum. (and Spiced Rums...but mainly proper Rum)

However, my talents don't end there...

You see I managed to niche into Rum, simply because Drinkstuff took me on to help create Cocktail content for them. So I now also proudly front up the Drinkstuff YouTube Channel.

I also work with many other Brands behind the scenes too. YouTube is such an untapped resource for the Drinks Industry. So my mission is to help as many brands transition away from Faceache and Insta, and take to the biggest content machine on the Planet! YouTube!

What about those Hen Parties?

Well, in all honesty, I had decided to put that life behind me. BUT I REALLY MISS THEM! After all, I have over 1000 under my belt since 2012! So instead, I agreed to come back to them in a smaller way.

I will now take on the odd Hen Party 1-3 a month, with MAXIMUM numbers of 15. But within 30 mins of me in South Cambridge. That enables me to keep on some of my Favourite Venues, but still be home by 10pm and not have to spend 3 hours washing up every morning after!

How I got to where I am today

(The Brief Edit!)

1995 - My First Ever Bar Shift at 18yo and 1 day!

1996 - Became a Manager for Greene King

1996 - Realised I REALLY didn't like Beer & Wine. Ooooooh, RUM!!!

1999 - Learned Cocktail and "Bartender Skills" in London on my Days off from my main Job

1999 - Got Christened as Steve the Barman (StB!)

It was even my Facebook name until they totally kicked me off in 2014 because "The" contravened their Rules. So now I'm Just Steve Barman.

Of course my Biz Page is "Steve the Barman" though.

...and the answer to your Next Question...Webb.

2001 - Did my first ever "Event"...wow, Yeah Event Bartending is very different to High Street Bartending.

2012 - Thirst First Ltd was Launched in October.

After 16 years of Running Pubs & Bars in Cambridge, Essex, Herts and London (Including a good Stint in Cambridge University), I quit the comfort of a Monthly Pay Cheque and Launched my own Business.

Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh! I'll always be thankful to Mummy Barman, Dad (RIP) and the Ex-Wifey, Claire for the support, help and belief they showed in me.

2016 - January - Totally Niched in Smaller Events

I spent 2012 to January 2016 taking Weddings and Birthdays for anything up to 250 People. Even took a Corporate Gig for 600 people once. After 3.5 Years, realised I hated it.

I much preferred the Smaller, more intimate Events where I got a chance to Chat to Guests. Give me x25-30 over x150 EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!

2016 - Easter - Finally Found my "Why!"

Why am I doing what I'm doing?! During 2015 & 2016 I had done a hell of a lot of Cocktail Making Presentations at Business Networking Events...even up on stage at a Business Show at London ExCel "What the Billion Dollar Gin Industry can teach you about you and your business!". (by Hell of a lot, I lost count at 150ish in 2 years! - sometimes as many as 5 times a week!)

I always thought my "Why" was to simply help other people have fun.

Nope, my Business Coach spent 3 sessions Dragging it out of me!

Turns out my "Why" is Teaching and Educating. I love to help people Learn!

2016 - October - Started putting all my emphasis on Cocktail Making Classes & Teaching.

It was squeaky bum time, but all enquiries that were over 35 people were automatically declined and passed off to other companies. But it turns out, for me at least, there's actually waaaaay more profit in a Smaller Event as opposed to a Bigger Event!

2017 - March - Started taking my YouTube and Videos a bit more seriously

Regular Content being released! It's been a Stop-Start Video Journey, but in 2018 I'm rolling videos twice a week!

2018 - I'm now averaging 6 Hen Party Cocktail Masterclasses a Month

* Edit - July 2018, I've just completed 14 Hen Parties this month! NUTs. Have even got one booked for the Tuesday after Bank Holiday August. TUESDAY!!!! *

YouTube and Facebook Videos are flying

Consultancy & Training is Flying

2020 - January