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Thirst First Ltd Privacy Policy

(Keeping everyone happy in the new GDPR compliant world!)


I use the Facebook Pixel to track visits to and

I then use this data to remarket my business to people who have shown interest or maybe interested in the future (Facebook Ads).  I personally do not see any of this Data. I don’t upload Email Addresses to create “Custom Audiences”.  I purely track Site and Page Visits, Plus Page Interactions.


In this instance Facebook is the Data Controller.  As of 25/05/2018 Facebook are working on making it much easier to Clean your Data that’s stored on their servers.  When that service goes live, I’ll post a Link here.  In the meantime, if you wish to not be tracked on my Website…or on any website for that Matter, just browse “Incognito Mode” on any Web Browser



Website and Personal Data

My Website is hosted by Wix and the Form on both websites are hosted by 123FormBuilder which is a Wix Plugin. When you fill out my Website form, 2 things happen. A copy is hosted on Both Wix Servers and 123FormBuilder Servers. Their Privacy Policies can be viewed here;




The second thing that happens is that a copy of that Form gets sent to my Email.  My Email is hosted by Microsoft Office 365.  This is also my Task Manager.  Your Form with your details never goes outside of these perimeters. And as I don’t use Email Marketing, (Mailchimp etc) you shouldn’t get any Newsletters from me. 

However, from time to time, I do like to keep in contact with previous Clients, or to get back in touch with an Enquiry if a Date becomes available again, so your Form is constantly stored within Office 365



Event Photos

Any Photos or Videos I take on Events remain the Property of myself and could be used in future marketing…i.e Website Pictures, Social Media Posts, Flyers etc. I will never disclose your Venue’s Location unless it is a Public Venue and I’m very careful when taking Photos that I don’t frame anything too personal.

However, if you see a Photo that I’ve used that you don’t particularly like, just give me a shout at and I’ll do my best to take it down as soon as I possibly can.



I think that’s it!

It’s all pretty simple.

But if you’re worried about anything, please just give me a shout


Steve the Barman

01223 955 444

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