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5 Gin & Tonics you need to try at Christmas

There are so many different combinations of Gins and Tonics out there right now. It is simply impossible to narrow them down to your favourite. Because as soon as you think you have found it, a new one grabs your attention and topples it.

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However, I think I’ve possibly narrowed down my top 5 Gin & Tonics to try at Christmas Time. And in truth, there could have been another 4 or 5 in this list too. For example, I omitted Poetic License Fireside Gin. Possibly one of my favourite Gins. I omitted it simply because it’s a little trickier for you guys to get hold of it. I also omitted Warner Edwards brand new Limited Edition Christmas Cake Gin. Again, because it was Limited. Only 700 Bottles made, so if you haven’t got a bottle, you ain’t ever gonna try it!

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I’m also omitted some cracking Orange flavoured Gins. Arguably perfect for this time of year. Whether it was Tanqueray Seville, or Malfy Blood Orange. There are just too many Gins and too many Tonics to do a definitive list.

So, what I've come up with is 5 Cracking combinations that are kind of a catch all for most palates. Mainstream enough for you to be able to get hold of them. But also, non-mainstream enough for the bulk of you to not have tried or consider them before!

I hope you enjoy them.

Let me know what you think!



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