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Worlds End Tiki Spiced Rum

Coming up in today's Video, I've got a quick review of World's End Tiki Spiced Rum, so if you wanna know all about that, how to drink it, what cocktails you can make with it, stay tuned.

Hello, spiced rum fans, I am Steve the barman and I'm hoping these videos will help you drink, serve and enjoy better quality spiced rum. That's what I'm all about in the moment, so if you like the sound of that, make sure you hit me up in the comments below, let me know what you're drinking in the moment. Let me know what you'd like me to cover in future videos.

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Right then, World's End. World's End is the brand of this Rum. This is their Tiki Spiced Rum. This is the second rum that they released and from what I can tell, I don't know too much about them, I think they are technically based in Belgium, although they have distributors and importers in quite a few countries now, but I think HQ is in Belgium. And from what I can find out about them, this is their second rum. So, the story behind the brand name, World's End, as far as I can tell comes from, the inspiration comes from a 16th century explorer called, Nathaniel Winter. Whether he was based down in Portugal, whether he went to visit Portugal, I don't know. I should have done a bit more research, but place in Sagres, really nice beer, quite like that beer. Sagres in Portugal, when you look out into the ocean all you can see is just the vastness, and it became known in the 16th, 17th century as the end of the world because you could see no further. And as I'm assuming back in the 16th century they didn't have little globes so the Earth was flat. So of course you couldn't go any further because it was just Sea. So that is where the brand name comes from Worlds End.

Now before I read you the little marketing story on the front, I will try and hold that on the close up there I don't know whether you can see that but the labels really cool, oldy, worldy kind of map atlas on there. And you can see the little story hopefully just about there. So I will read you this little story, leaving a deadly sea serpent, like what is it with spiced rum and sea serpents? I don't really know anyway, leaving a deadly sea serpent on our wake, we came to the islands of the volcano, their drums beat, their fires burned, but instead of taking our heads, they gave us a spiced rum drink like no other. So with a cool marketing story and some really awesome branding actually I really love the branding, behind the brand, behind the product.

What is the actual Rum all about?

What is the liquid all about? Well the base liquid as I've explained in the last video that I put out actually what is spiced rum. Base liquid is a blend of three different rums, three different islands, out in the Caribbean. We've got Trinidadian rum, we've got rum from Tobago, and we've got rum from Jamaica. That is blended together to create a base rum, and then I assume it's shipped back to Belgium, but the blend of spices that go into this are cinnamon, allspice, and a secret recipe of different other spices going in there together.

Worlds End Tiki Spiced Hurricane
Worlds End Tiki Spiced Hurricane

What does Worlds End Tiki Spiced Rum Smell Like?

Well to me it smells quite sweet, again I've said that before. What does sweet smell like? Well, I can - you know we go to tasting events and I get shouted out for saying it smells sweet, but that's how I describe it. For me it smells sweetish, I get a little bit of vanilla coming off there, but I do get quite a bit of cinnamon, but quite a bit of citrus for me. There's that kind of whole citrus thing going on.

What does Worlds End Tiki Spiced Rum Taste Like?

Well, this, I'll be honest I haven't had a spiced rum like this in quite a few videos now. This is absolutely delicious. Although it smells sweet, it is a superbly balanced drink. Quite easily drink that neat. It is not syrupy sweet at all, I can't tell that there's an overriding amount of sugar that's gone in there. It's just a lovely well balanced, I would say complex spiced rum. Yes, I've got the spices on this sort of second wave, as it goes down my throat there. I've got a little bit of pepper hitting the sides, allspice, lovely bit of cinnamon, I do get quite a bit of citrus actually in there. It's not a really sort of lime forward, like Old J, or Morgan Spiced, or Captain Morgans Spiced, whatever you want to call it. Its not in that category, but I have got quite a bit of citrus in there for me as well. For me it doesn't finish sweet at all. Now I have to justify that because when you compare this to, I'm sorry, I have to keep banging these drums because I keep getting rum enthusiasts coming at me. I'm not comparing this to rum, I'm talking about spiced rums. And in the whole spiced rum scale, for me this is not sweet. This is perfectly balanced, lovely bit of complexity, yes it's a lot sweeter than your sipping rums and all that. But when you compare it to other spiced rums, this is just absolutely delicious.

What to mix with Worlds End Tiki Spiced Rum
What to mix with Worlds End Tiki Spiced Rum

Right than, what does this play well with?

What can you mix with Worlds End Tiki Spiced Rum?

It’s a simple high ball, its a simple spiced rum and mixer. In first place for me Coca-Cola. Absolutely delicious as a spiced rum and coke. Again it's not adding to the sweetness at all. Like Lamb Spiced, like Captain Morgans, like Old J, or anything like that. Its a perfectly balanced sort of spiced rum, bit of complexity, a bit of spice notes coming through back there with coke. Absolutely lovely, really cracking drink that one. Love that one. In second place by literally a whisker, is Fever Trees Spiced Orange Ginger Ale. Again if your not a Coke fan, than this is going to be your number one. Without a shadow of a doubt, absolutely delicious. Hasn't got the feistiness of ginger beers, I really love this orange ginger ale. Then in third place, just marginally losing out is my favourite ginger beer, I've done a whole ginger beer tasting out, I've got loads of ginger beers, I've got about 14 or 15 that I've played with. We should do that on a video really. But this is my out and out favourite, favourite ginger beer. Now this is Franklins and Sons ginger beer with malted barley and a squeeze of lemon. Just made, just missed out ever so slightly to the Fever Tree spiced orange ginger ale. But that is a lovely drink, if you are a ginger beer fan that is going to rock your world. Than the final two mixers, I couldn't split them to be honest. I really couldn't, for me their not as nice as the first three. Their not as nice as the coke, the ginger ale, or the ginger beer, but they are lovely different alternative drinks. We've got Fentimans Tropical Soda, Ting Grapefruit Soda. I couldn't split them. For me the grapefruit just works very very well. And then for a completely different flavour you've got the tropical which is a pineapple, a hint of juniper, bit of cardamon, pear extract, really really lovely. But for me that is probably more of your traditional spiced rum or rum mixtures, your coke, and your gingers, that kind of thing. But they are absolutely lovely.

Cocktails with Worlds End Tiki Spiced Rum

Right, now it is cocktail time. I'm going to do something quite different now. What I'm gonna do, I'm gonna make up two or three cocktails and I'm just gonna add them to my Instagram stories. So I'm gonna create overs, when this gets released there'll be stories coming out, but they will be permanently in my Highlighted Stories. I'll set up a new little Highlight Roll, and I'll have all these cocktail recipes. Simple four, four stories, four picture stories, for cocktail recipes going forward. I'm not going to do cocktails on video.

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Worlds End Tiki Spiced Punch.jpg
Worlds End Tiki Spiced Punch.jpg



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