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Worlds End Dark Spiced Rum

In this video, I've got another Spiced Rum from the World's End guys. This is their Dark Spiced Rum. So, if you wanna know all about it, what it smells like, what it tastes like, and what my recommended highball serves are, stay tuned.

Right then. If you are a loyal fan of my videos, you will, kind of, semi-recognize this brand. This is my second World's End Spiced Rum. That's the first one I did, probably about four weeks ago, now. This is their Tiki Spiced Rum, which is the second Rum that they, kind of, released. This is the first Rum. Now, you will notice there is a big difference in colour, between 'em. This is a lovely sort of gold colour; this is quite a deep, dark colour, hence the Dark Spiced Rum.

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Now, I won't go in to too many details about the brand, because, as I've been saying, I have covered them before, but just very quickly, just to recap: World's End. The brand name. It takes its name from an explorer: Nathaniel Winter. When he visited Sagres in Portugal. Kind of looks out, looks out to sea. If you know where it is, it's kind of right in the bottom corner of Portugal, there. Literally, all you can see when you look out is ocean, there is just nothing else, and he, kind of, exclaimed that that is the end of the world. So that is, kind of, where the brand comes from. World's End are a Belgian brand. They are from Belgium, in Europe. So, they are, kind of, importing the Caribbean Rums over to Belgium. Spicing them up, and then releasing 'em to the European market.

Now, to talk about the providence of the Rums. If you remember back to the Tiki Spiced video, this is essentially a blend of Trinidad, Tobago, and Jamaican Rums, that are blended up. The base Rums of this are Trinidadian and Barbados. So, very different base Rums. Again, with the Dark Spiced, they haven't got a clue what kind of spices that they used to spice this up. All's we would get is from the nosing, and from the taste, which is coming up, right now!

What does Worlds End Dark Spiced Rum Smell Like?

Okay, so, on the nose, this is gonna shock a lot of you, but the one big thing that I get off the nose the one thing that it really, really, reminds me of is actually one of my favourite cognacs. It really does smell like a cognac, on the nose, there. Really really weird, that. But, as the smells linger a bit longer, I do get, kind of, a little hint of fruit cake going on. A tiny little bit of spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, and that. But, for some reason, I genuinely thought that the first nose the first hint I got of that, when I first had it I genuinely thought it was a cognac.

What does Worlds End Dark Spiced Rum Taste Like?

Honestly, nothing like cognac! If you are gonna bracket this in the dark Spiced Rum category, that, by far, outstrips Kraken. You can drink that neat. Wow. That is just a lovely, lovely, dark Spiced drink. It is a 40-percenter, as well, so we're not going liquer, we're not going spirit-based, at all. Like for like, same category. Kinda got that smoothness to it. Yes, it's a little bit sweeter. On the Spiced Rum scale, I would put it, sort of, a third way up the scale, so it's not as sweet as some of them. A recent one that I done, Bamboo, for instance. Nowhere near as sweet as that, but it has got that little bit more sweetness to it, than a Kraken. The reason why I say there's absolutely no comparison, and I know, I know, there's so many of you that comment about Kraken on my videos. Seriously, when you try this, this is just a whole different level of flavour complexity. You've got tropical fruits in there. I get a little bit of banana on the finish; get a little bit of mango in the finish. Stuff I never get with Kraken. The vanilla comes through very subtly. Not overpoweringly, not like a lot of these Spiced Rums, that are just, essentially, vanilla flavoured. I get cinnamon. I get subtle, subtle hint of spice in the background. For me: very, very well balanced.

Now, I was just gonna quickly finish that there, and move on to the highballs, but as I put that down, I just wanted to carry on, because, there is kind of a weird, sort of, chocolatey, coffee thing, coming through, on the back, there. It's not evident, first up. It really takes its time coming out. But wow! You are gonna have a lot of fun with that. That might go up in my top five sipping Spiced Rums. It's gonna be a tough call. I'm gonna have to do that: I'm gonna have to do a video of my top sippers, but that just might make it. It's just lovely to have a little tipple of that, over ice. But, of course, I know a lot of you are not gonna drink Spiced Rums over ice.

Worlds End Dark Spiced Rum
Worlds End Dark Spiced Rum

What Mixes well with Worlds End Dark Spiced Rum?

You wanna know how to mix them, as I'm finding out, now, with a lot of these, and we're getting deeper, and deeper in it. Not all Spiced Rums go with Coke, and, this one does, but, my favoriteー and I absolutely love this. My eyes would justー when I sipped it, I was just like, "Wow." And then, I had a bit more. "Wow." Then, I had a bit more. Absolutely love this. So, my first top pick to go with this: Cawston Press Apple & Ginger Juice. This is a proper, pressed apple juice, with proper ginger in there, as well. Nice, sort of, fieriness of ginger. Big supermarkets will have this in the UK. Ocado, if you can't find it in your supermarket. Ocado will deliver it to you. That is a proper, ten-out-of-ten drink. But here's the thing with this: because it's got a little bit more sweetness to it than Kraken, Kraken is predominant Coke and ginger beer kind of drink. This just works so well with everything. So, let's go Coca Cola. Yes. Nine-out-of-ten drink, you know. If the apple and ginger was a ten-out-of-ten, nine-out-of-ten. You are not going to be disappointed with that. Lovely-jubbly. Serve me that. If a pub gave me that, I'd be happy all day long.

Same with the ginger beer, this is my favourite ginger beer: Franklin & Sons Ginger Beer. Bit of malted barley. Bit of lemon in there, as well. It's my favourite. I just love that ginger beer. Just coming in very slightly behind the Coke, and the ginger beer, I cannot split these at all: this is Fever-Tree's Spiced Orange Ginger Ale; this is Lixir's Blood Orange & Cinnamon Tonic. And then, my final highball serve absolutely love this. Proper, proper, out-and-out fun drink. Serve me this in a pub. Pubs, bars: get on a proper pineapple and soda. Yes, absolutely love Fentimans' pineapple or pineapple Tropical Soda, but it has got this sweetness dialled back in, with some of the Spiced Rums. For me, it's not working exceptionally well. Works with a lot, and I absolutely love it, but, if you need that sweetness to come forward, and to balance out boy. Wow wow wow. But, there's no getting away from it: my favourite, out-and-outer. Wow. (clapping) Fair play. That is just exceptional. Now, just to finish this video, I've just had to top myself up, 'cause I really love that neat. That is a really, really lovely neat sipper.


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