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What Tonic Water to serve with Bloom Gin

Bloom Gin. I must admit I’d forgotten all about this lovely Gin. It used to be a staple in my collection back in 2017, but then for some reason it completely went off my radar in early 2018. Because I kind of classed it as a floral gin, and for the reason on events I only carry 6ish gins, I started using Hendricks as my floral Gin. Then after Hendricks, I went through a phase of other gins, but using Double Dutch’s Cucumber and watermelon tonic to get that “floral” taste.

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However, restocking up of an event just before New Year’s Eve, I saw Bloom lined up at my wholesalers…alongside other new Bloom variants, Jasmine & Rose and the Lemon & Elderflower (A liqueur). So, as I was doing a Gin presentation, I thought let’s crack out the Bloom Gin.

Now Bloom is another of those Gins out of the mighty G&J Distillers Stables. Their core gin being Greenalls. Then they’re also responsible for Opihr, Thomas Dakin, Berkeley Square. And because of the size of their operation, they contract distil too and I’m convinced they’re responsible for Brockmans, Boe. Maybe my local Pinkster, and rumour has it, Boodles.

Bloom is the brainchild and creation of legendary Gin distiller Joanne Moore. She is one of those true passionate Gin lovers whose palate is beyond the comprehension of a lot of us mere mortals. Internationally regarded as one of the best distillers in the world. Bloom came to the market in 2008...I think, I can’t seem to find it’s launch date online, but I’m convinced it was 2008 and has been a biggie for supermarkets and the like for a long while. However, I would go as far to say, not that huge on the Bar scene for some unknown reason.

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I’m not sure why, because it is a cracking Gin. In my opinion, deffo not a Martini Gin…which for me, is typical for G&J distillers Gins. For some reason I don’t have the palate for their Gins as a Martini. However, mixing with tonic…arguably the most important thing for any Gin…is a whole different story. Botanical wise and the reason I call this a floral gin is because the 3 main overriding botanicals are Pomelo, kind of Grapefruit, Chamomile and Honeysuckle. So you get this lovely fresh, delicate floral aroma and taste on the palate…but also the big juniper and spice notes. The Pomelo gives it a touch of sweetness to really make it a classic G&T This is deffo a Gin to add to your collections.

I had heard that Bloom really does market itself to the female audience. The bottle, the colours, the botanicals. But I say sod that, get over it. Try it. It’s actually bloomin tasty and a bargain at around the £25ish mark.

Want to know what Tonic to serve with Bloom? (well, my opinions at least?!)

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