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Weekend Round Up - 3/12/18

Another 2 Events this weekend. Both BRILLIANT. I absolutely love it when I get out and out fun groups of party peeps.

On Friday, I’ll be honest, in the run up, i couldn’t pick it. It’s not that the emails were straight laced, I dunno, i just can’t explain it. I couldn’t gauge the full Age range, group mix or the Banter. Well, that was soon put to bed when i turned up at the Manor Barns in Brancaster, north Norfolk... my 4th Event there now.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with Cheers, Smiles and Banter on Tap! The Event was to help Vikki and Donna celebrate their 50th Birthdays. They’d hired one of the Barns for themselves and 18 of their lady friends. Not a bloke in sight. Just me. Ut oh. Hahaha.

Pornstar Martini Tree
Pornstar Martini Tree

The Event was an All-Inclusive Party, not a Masterclass. As I arrived they were all sitting around the big dining table, just finishing off Dinner. So I got to setting up and preparing a Cocktail Tree consisting of Pornstar Martinis and Espresso Martinis. Then the Banter started. After putting on my Crazy Shirt, one of them asked if I was getting changed to make an effort. THEN, Birthday girl Donna was trying to ply me with Drinks and offering me the couch for the night! Bless. They were just the friendliest bunch.

Cocktails on the Menu consisted of the Pornstar's and Espresso's as mentioned. Then there were Cosmo’s, Brambles and my Wild Thing (Amaretto, Blueberry & BlackBerry).

50th Birthday Cocktail Party by Steve the Barman
50th Birthday Cocktail Party by Steve the Barman

It didn’t take them long to polish off the 75ish Cocktails, so by 10pm I was packing down and on my way, all while still being offered the Sofa!! Ladies you were brilliant fun. Thank you. And thanks for the continued Facebook Love!


Saturday saw me heading off to Milton Keynes again, for Mike and Claire. I’d already done a party for them back in August and they couldn’t wait to have me back for a combined Birthday & Crimbo bash in December.

Mobile Cocktail Bar for a Birthday Party, Milton Keynes
Mobile Cocktail Bar for a Birthday Party, Milton Keynes

Set up this time, slightly different. We opted to keep my in the Kitchen, instead of the Lounge in front of the huge TV and Sound system. This time was deffo quieter!!

At the first Event back in the summer, they’d introduced me to the Milanese G&T. A very simple Classic G&T with the addition of Campari which gave a nice Bitter finish to the drink. We kept this on the menu this time round, but not as popular.

The out and out Favvies this time round were my Festive G&T, my Blood Orange Spritz and well actually they were all pretty even...Pornstar's, Espresso’s, Brambles and Mojito.

This event was slightly smaller than their first, just the 25 in attendance this time round, but they are such a great friendly bunch. There’s already been shouts of a 2019 reunion, if Mike can find time in between jet setting around the world! At 5pm the next day he was off to Malaysia on behalf of Sky!! Not my idea of fun after a night of Cocktails!!


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