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The POSH Pornstar Martini!

When you want a classy Vanilla & Passion Fruit Martini.

In the UK, Passion Fruit and Vanilla have to be the 2 mot popular ingredients. Why?! becasue the Pornstar Martini is the most popular cocktail! But for some people, the humble PSM is just too sweet. So i set about creating a classier version. And i have to say, I LOVE the result.

There's nothing complicated about this recipe. 3 Ingredients. And to be honest, for a lot of people, just 2 ingredients. I've used Absolut Passion Fruit Vodka and the Licor 43 for my Vanilla flavour.

Classy Pornstar Martini

Let me know what you think of this recipe. Slide in to my DMs on Insta and have a chat!

Posh Pornstar Martini Recipe


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