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The Daiquiri

Whats the Big Deal?

Part 1

To restart my blog, I thought I would start with a series about possibly my favourite cocktails. The Daiquiri. The Daiquiri is one of the best Cocktails to showcase a Rum. But not all Rum’s in my opinion. At the moment, I’m a big fan of lighter column still Rum Daiquiri’s, but I’m also getting into Cane Juice Pot Still Rum Daiquiri’s too. However, Aged Molasses Rum Daiquiri’s are really not my vibe at the moment. Or as our mate Windy calls them, “Moody Daiquiris”.

Now at the risk of covering old ground that I’ve spoken about many times before, I also believe the Daiquiri is probably one of the most underrated Cocktails too. Mainly because people really don’t understand their palate or realise that you can play about with the Lime and Sugar ratios to adjust it to your specific taste.

When it comes to making a Daiquiri, I normally talk in “Parts” as opposed to specific measurements, but it is easily converted. For example, the recipe below you can easily equate 1 Part to 15ml.

The Easy Daiquiri recipe;

Obviously, you need to shake the Cocktail with plenty of Ice. The whole point is that you need to get it icy cold with that little bit of dilution. Simply shaking it with a limp wrist and a few cubes of Ice really won’t do it justice!

Classic Daiquiri Cocktail by Steve the Barman
Steve the Barman Daiquiri

And serving it up, my law…it simply HAS to be served up in a Nick & Nora Glass (6oz), or at the very least a smaller Martini or Coupe. You don’t want Larger Glasses (7-8oz), as a Daiquiri should be consumed as close to Icy Cold as possible. You really don’t want that warming up by even 5 degrees! They just taste wrong!

So, for that recipe above, if 15ml is your part, then 4 parts Rum equals 60ml. 30ml Lime and 15ml Sugar.

You also hear the 2, 1, Half being touted a fair bit. Now that’s technically the same ratio as the 4:2:1 but obviously, more geared towards specific Measurements. So, 2 would be 2 shots of Rum… 50ml UK, or 60ml US. 1 would be 1 shot of Lime Juice, so 25ml UK or 30ml US. And Half would be Half a Shot of Sugar. 15ml US or 12.5ml UK.

Now, the 2:1:0.5 does make more sense when we talk about ratios, as actual Shots are easier to comprehend! But the only issue with that is when the 2:1:0.5 isn’t your perfect ratio. Okay it still works if you’re the kind of person that needs an extra bump of Sugar, so a 2:1:1 ratio, equal Sugar to Lime. But for some people shots doesn’t actually work as a lot of people need their Daiquiri's slightly more Rum heavy. For example, there are plenty of people who love a 6:2:1, 6:2:2 or even an 8:2:1 or 8:2:2. Now there is no right or wrong when it comes to ratios, but obviously you don’t want to be adding 8 shots to a Cocktail. So, the 8 then works better as Parts whether that be 10ml or 15ml.

So, before we go down this Daiquiri Rabbit hole, your homework if you’re playing along is to find your perfect Daiquiri Ratio.

Are you a 4:2:1, 4:2:2, or 6:2:1?

Before I sign off, there is a caveat coming.

Not all Rums are created equal.

Some have added Sugar. Some are just naturally sweeter. Some are bone dry. So don’t think for one minute that your 4:2:1 Ratio will work for every single Rum. The trick is to start off with your favourite Rum, and just work from there.

Full disclosure…

My current favourite Daiquiri Rums are;

There are many MANY more Rums for me to look at and play with, for example I recently had a little sip of the Doorly’s 3yo, but the 47% ABV version. I currently at the time of typing, only have 40% ABV version in my collection. But neat they are like chalk and cheese. I have also recently just acquired a taste for Clairin’s too. (Rum from Haiti).

So coming up over this series of Blogs, is proper a Daiquiri Rabbit hole. Different Rums, different Riffs and Twists. Cool little additions. And no, I don’t mean the slush puppy Daiquiri’s. So keep your eyes peeled. Check back here regularly and lets see what magic we can create together!


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