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Rumbullion Spiced Rum Review

Coming up in this Video, I'm covering one of my all time favourite Spiced Rum brands, not Rum, brands. This is Rumbullion, I'm going to tell you all about it, and why I get a little a bit excited, straight after this.

Right, then, Rumbullion Rum, one of my favourite brands, been on the scene now, 2011, I can sort of pinpoint it to. I say, I do remember trying this, and if you look in this, looking, thinking, hang on that looks a bit familiar. Bathtub Gin? You know Bathtub Gin? They've got a Cherry thing as well, Cherry Brandy, I think it might be. And a few other things, is the same people. This is owned by Ableforths, which is a brand traded under big online wholesalers, Master of Malt. Reason why I say it's one of my favourite brands, is I tried this way back, 2011, 2012, instantly fell in love and then I got introduced to the Navy Strength, which is a lot stronger, 57%, I think, off the top of my head, 57% ABV. Absolutely, flipping delicious. Absolutely love this.

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This is their "base" Spiced Rum, 42.6% ABV. So it is a Spiced Rum, it is not a Spiced Rum Spirit Drink, it is not a liqueur, we are going proper Spiced Rum. Now, I don't need to do much research because it's all written on the front of the bottle. So, I'm going to read you the front of the bottle, so you get to understand a bit more about this. Ableforths' Rumbullion is crafted from a blend of only the richest and most flavoursome Caribbean Rums. So we don't where, but their Caribbean Rums. This spice is enhanced with the addition of sugars, five spices, such as cassia, cardamom and clove, and an abundance of the best orange peel and thick juicy bourbon vanilla pods. This award winning Spiced Rum offers the perfect balance of both smooth and rich while it's delivering those intense flavours. Here we go, here's the story, here's the marketing story, that's the bit about the Rum, here's the marketing story. The association of the Rum with the British Navy is one that harks back to the 17th century. We've paid homage to the age old tradition of the daily tot by dawning the front of this bottle, with the traditional Navy Grog Tub. Splice the mainbrace and enjoy Rumbullion, neat over ice or indeed with a twist of orange expressed over the glass. If the fancy takes you, you can mix this up with a delicious Spiced Daiquiri, using Rumbullion, fresh lime juice and hint of sugar.

What does Rumbullion smell like?

So, on the nose, a big two things coming forward for me, vanilla forwards, but not in a sweet sense, but there is a big dose of vanilla in there. And then the second wave that gets me, I'm going to say orange, that's what the second thing there. I can sense a little bit of spice in the background there, but it's vanilla and orange, they are the big two things that come forward. In short, flipping delicious.

What does Rumbullion Taste Like?

I say it, the Navy Strength one is sexy as hell. I absolutely love the Navy Strength, and I will get on to that in a couple of videos. This one, is just very, very similar in taste, it's just not as strong. But, oh boy, vanilla, a vanilla forwards, not overly sweet, very, very well balanced. As soon as it hits the side of your mouth, you get all those kinds of salt and peppery spices comes through, a bit of old spice, a bit of cinnamon. I want to say cloves, it's not in any shape or forward, even remotely close to the clove in the BrewDog or the 500 counts, I think it was. It's just a lovely, well-balanced Spiced Rum. Quite happily, sip back neat, I do not need a mixer with that at all. That for me, is me all over. Now I know, that chances are you guys are not going to sip this neat at home. Let me know in the comments below, if you do sip it neat, let me know if you're actually watching this far into the video. But if you do sip it neat, I want to know because I want to find you neat sippers. Let's have a neat sipped Rum, Spiced Rum club and get you involved in that. But, the majority of you are going to want to mix this.

What does Rumbullion Mix well with?

How to Drink Rumbullion Spiced Rum.

Now, I've done the little bit of research in here, I found, basically, just to sum up, this is pretty much a catch-all. Yes, I've got a couple of favourites, but I'll tell you, it just works. Now here's my top pick, a Ginger Beer, out and out, kind of Spiced and stormy. You don't even need the lime or the angostura bitters, it just absolutely works exceptionally well. That's my top pick, this is Franklin & Son's Ginger Beer. Again, I've said it in a couple of videos. Again, before, this is my favourite go to Ginger Beer. Now, that is my top, number one pick.

My number two pick is, purely for the fact, I think I'm about to get upset with Coca Cola Schweppes, because I think I've heard on the grapevine, that they have delisted it and I will be a very, very angry man if they have. Especially with Spiced Rum and Rum coming, there's going to be hell to pay, but this is the 1783 Muscovado dark spirit mixing. I think this has got a huge role to play in how Rum, Spiced Rum category for Coca-Cola probably released about two years too early. So it's been out a very, very long time, but we all know that Coca Cola don't do too much marketing, except for that great big red truck that comes around every single Christmas, that says, "Holidays are coming." That's the only marketing that Coca-Cola, only really do. They never get beyond the Schweppes brands at all, which is a real shame because this is absolutely delicious. I really hope you haven't de-listed it, Coca-Cola. I really, really hope you haven't.

Rumbullion Spiced Rum Mixers
Rumbullion Spiced Rum Mixers

My third pick, purely because I wanted to whinge about the Muscovado mixer and this probably would be most people's second pick. It's Coca-Cola, again, Coca-Cola Zero that's my go to, but Coca-Cola with that, just a phenomenal Spiced Rum and coke, you are not going to be disappointed. And, I know that Ginger Beer has a love/hate relationship with quite a lot of people. I know that's going to be your go to, just absolutely lovely. And then my fourth pick is Fever-Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale. Now available in big, 500 ml bottles for most supermarkets. So, you can get that very, very easily. That's going to be there to stay, without a shadow of a doubt. They know, Fever-Tree are very clever, they know that Spiced Rum is coming. They know that whiskey is kind of coming, but they know that this is going to go more and more with Spiced Rums because they haven't released their Smoky in 500 ml bottle, yet. They've just released their orange. They've listened to what Steve the Barman has been saying and for the best part of a year now, and Merlin Griffiths, did say this on James Martin a couple of weeks ago. They're just copying me, I've been saying it for months and months and months and months and months, possibly a year or so now. I predicted this, Spiced Rum is coming. Now if you've got fruitier palette, you are not going to be disappointed with these two either. I can't, they're not my favourites with Rumbullion, but I can't split them, Ting Grapefruit Soda and Fentimans Tropical Soda, Pineapple with a little hint of Cardamom and Juniper Extract, Pear Extract, things like that in there. Can't explain, not my favourites, I think that is more geared towards Ginger Beer, coke, that kind of traditional, sort of thing, is the vanilla in there. But, if you have got that slightly fruitier palette, absolutely delicious. They do work, but I say, not in my top four for Rumbullion.

Rumbullion Cocktails

Right, then it's cocktail time, and so I hope you guys now are kind of getting into a little routine, the little rhythm of what I'm doing. I know, I've chopped and changed in the last couple of months, I've just been trying to find what works really well for you guys. So, now I'm stopping these videos there, with the long mixed drinks, the desserts. The cocktails, I am going to feature now. I'm going to feature two to three cocktails with every single Spiced Rum I do. However, they are going straight to my Instagram stories, but they're just going to be simple picture stories and then I will add them to my Spiced Rum cocktail highlights on my profile. So go and stalk me


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