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The Loughton Ladies take on an All Inclusive Cocktail Party

My First Visit to Pettistree House of 2018

The Event

Normally, when Hen Party Enquiries come in, they're for Cocktail Masterclasses. But this one came as an All-Inclusive Party. Then I noticed the Location. Pettistree House, Ipswich. With what I do, I do get to work in some lovely Houses. But this is deffo in my top 3. In fact it may even be my favourite Party House.

I love this venue, I’ve been here 3 times now over the last couple of years. The House is massive, very well looked after, easy to get to and just has everything you need to celebrate a Special occasion. Including a great room out the back, purposely designed for Parties. In built Sound System, Disco Lights, Large TV…and a Stage where my Bar sits nicely!

The Hens

Jemma hired me for her best Pal, Emma’s Hen Do. She'd booked the House for the weekend, becasue quite frankly, if you've got a group of 22 people and you want to get out of London, This is one of the houses to do it in. I arrived to set up just as they were about to sit down for Dinner. Already they were on top form...there were a few bottles of Bubbly laying about the place! Lots of laughs and Giggles and Party Games after Dinner. We even had a Pro Singer in the Room too. Her rendition of ‘Say a Little Prayer’ was properly Amazing (see my Facebook Page for the Video!).

All Inclusive Cocktails @ Pettistree House, Ipswich
All Inclusive Cocktails @ Pettistree House, Ipswich

The Drinks;

This was put together by Jemma and the Bridesmaids, the special requests had gone in and what we were left with was a very classic 00's Cocktail Menu. Lots of Fun, Colour and Easy Drinking Cocktails.

  • Porn Star Martini

  • Mojito

  • Pina Colada

  • Espresso Martini

  • Strawberry Daiquiri

  • plus a few Gin & Tonics!

As has become customary recently, I also laid on some of Shots. Either my own home infused spirits which I love creating if I have time, or some crazy Liqueurs I've found on my Travels. This time out was my Mangocello. Pretty safe to say that went down well! 2 bottles demolished (half by one Hen in particular!)

Hen Party Large Light Letters
Hen Party Large Light Letters

Jemma's Review
Jemma's Review

Have you got a Party to Celebrate Soon??!

I'm not just saying that as a Plug for myself. Of course, I'd love it if you hired me. But I'm saying it more in case you're looking for an AMAZING Party Venue. Pettistree House, Ipswich I'll be honest, I don't know how much it is to Hire, but i do know it's booked most weeks. I'm there a few times a year, and I also chat to the Caterers who also get to cook in the amazing Kitchen, or do BBQs and Paellas out on the Back Patio. This is a popular Party House and I can’t wait to return again in July 2018, for event 2 of 3 in 2018.


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