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Event Round Up - 17/12/18

Cracking weekend this weekend. Just the 2 events due to a cancellation on the Saturday...a life lesson there as they'd already postponed the event once before, back in the summer. But anyway, never the less, the 2 events I did have, were AMAZING!!

First up on Friday night was a local event in Cambridge and a visit to the Museum of Zoology. PLOS (Public Library of Science) had hired me for their Crimbo office party for 50 of them. An All-Inclusive Cocktail Party, with a set up in and around Animal Skeletons!! I was set up under a Blue Whale!!

The Blue Whale Skeleton at the Museum of Zoology, Cambridge

I was working alongside the awesome Gareth from Crucial Cuisine and a Jazz Duo...who'd taken 5 hours to get up from London. I think they walked! ;-)

Cocktail wise, it was pretty full on. With quite an extensive budget, the cocktails flowed for what seemed all night, but in actual fact was only a 3 hour service! Some 220+ smashed out! That's 73 an hour and 1.2 a minute!! Not bad going for an old timer eh?! I couldn't do that every night now though!

Favourites of the evening yet again were my Festive Sprtiz's...Warner Edwards Sloe Gin, Lemon, Sugar, Fever Tree's Clementine Tonic Water and Prosecco. Alongside Pornstar Martinis and my Winter Brambles. As well as a Gin Mare Martini with a hint of Boe Violet Gin for one of the bosses!!

Cocktails for Corporate Christmas Party at the Museum of Zoology

Cocktail Making Masterclass at the Orchard Spot, Kent

Sunday was one of my fave events to Rock out. A Cocktail Making Masterclass for the Wedding Team at the Orchard Suite Wedding Venue in Maidstone, Kent. 20 of them, all ranging in ages from the 18yo's, to the troublesome Older Generation. (Annie, you're hilarious!! ;-))

They'd actually booked my Premium Masterclass, so the afternoon started with a Festive Spritz Cocktail Tree, followed by the standard Mojito, Pornstar Martini and Bramble format. Then we finished with up with the Team Comp...Make your own Cocktail.

As it was 1pm on Sunday, things were a little quiet at the start, but instead of my normal Hen Party route of lining up the Tiki Fire right from the off, I decided to wait till half time. Yup, that worked!! Part 2 was decidedly more raucous than part 1.

Cocktail Making Masterclass

The Orchard Suite is such a lovely venue if you're looking to get married in and around Maidstone, Kent. Self-contained, quiet, easy to get to and what Devon and the gang had done to set the room up, looked truly guess, reset from the wedding the night before.

Guys, you were HUGE amounts of fun and for a Masterclass that kicked off at 1pm, I dread to think what happened after I left. But I deffo look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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