Easy RUM Cocktails (and Tiki) to make at Home | StB Live Episode 2

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EASY Tiki Cocktails to Make at Home! I've got 7 AMAZING Rum Cocktails to help you through the Month. this is my second #StBLive Show which comes at you every Sunday night.

In this live show, I'll start off with the basic Daiquiri. But then I go into Tiki. Not Full on proper Tiki, but easy vibrant creations that you can recreate at Home!

In this live stream, I've got the Daiquiri Cocktail. The Mai Tai Cocktail. The Rum Punch. The Nui Nui. The Rum Runner. And the Hurricane Cocktail.

The Rums I Use are the Lovers Rum. And I also use Ron Cubay Rums from Cuba!



My Favourite Daiquiri


Mai Tai - My Ultimate