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Easy Coconut Rum Cocktails - FUN Coconut & Melon Paloma

In this Easy Coconut Rum Cocktails video, I thought I'd go really easy this time and I've created a Coconut and melon Paloma cocktail. Now I know before the haters come in, a Paloma is a Tequila Cocktail. But the name fits, so I went with it for this lovely Cocktails with Coconut Rum. Coconut Rum Cocktails Recipes are some of my favourites, you've can't help not like them! Fun, Fruity, hint of Sweetness. Coconut Rum just puts a smile on your face!

The Coconut Rum I've used in this video is not malibu Coconut Rum. Instead, I have gone for Koko Kanu, which is a proper full Strength Jamaican Coconut Rum. It's lovely and really does pump of Coconut flavour. It is steadily becoming my go-to Coconut Rum for my coconut Rum drinks and Coconut Rum Recipes! You can't go wrong with Koko Kanu!

Also, the melon obviously comes from everybody's favourite green Liqueur, Midori! the 2 just work hand in hand! the Paloma part (Grapefruit) comes from Ting Grapefruit Soda! The result is a delicious and tasty Long Coconut Rum mixed Drink! Let me know what you think!

Coconut & Melon Paloma

Let me know what you think about this recipe. And if you make it, make sure you tag me on Instagram or Facebook.

Coconut & Melon Paloma

Tiki Highball Glass

Grapefruit Garnish

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