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Dead Mans Fingers Coconut Rum Review

Coming up in this video, I'm going back home with one of my favourite party brands. This is Dead Man's Fingers, coconut flavoured rum. I've got a quick review. I'm gonna tell you what it smells and taste like. I've got some highball serves that gonna just simple, simple serves for you to make at home. And, right at the end of the video, I've got an amazing, this time, a low calorie cocktail for you.

Hey rum fans, Steve the Barman here and I'm hoping these videos will help you drink, serve and enjoy, better quality spiced, or in this case, flavoured rums. If you love what I've been doing, then let me know in the comments below, drop me a comment, let me a rum that you would love me to feature as well. Spiced rums mainly, or flavoured rums. And let's get some chats going online.

Buy Dead Mans Fingers Coconut Rum online


Franklin & Sons have now rebranded their Soda's as Sisters Soda and is available in Cans from Tesco Superstores


Right then! So why do I get so excited about Dead Man's Fingers? Well, it's nothing to do with the actual base liquid or anything like that, it's the brand and what it represents and where it comes from.

For those of you that have been following me for a long time will know very well that I am Cornish. This originated not too far away from where I was born. This is a little place called The Rum and Crab Shack in Saint Ives, right in the harbour. Really lovely pub, really known for obviously their seafood and their crab, but they started making rums, God knows when! The normal, sort of, spiced rum has been around a long, long time. The coconut and the coffee that I haven't featured yet either, have been around a couple of years now. They were couple of different flavour extensions. But Dead Man's Fingers have kind of turned their attention to their new hemp rum that's been around now about eight or nine months.

This is my go-to coconut rum. When you think about it, Malibu is not a coconut rum. It's a coconut rum spirit drink liqueur with only 20% ABV. It's lovely, don't get me wrong if you love your coconut stuff, but it's not a coconut rum. This 37.5% and there's something about the brand as well, Dead Man's Fingers, it's not trying to be pretentious. It's not trying to be proper rum, or anything like that. It just represents fun and really lovely tasty drinks. Have to say as well, I'm still not on the new bottle, the new shape bottles of Dead Man's Fingers coconut or coffee. Admittedly, I haven't ordered the bottles since the tail end of August. It's not really masterclass, cocktail masterclass season, and for what I do, it's more party, so I don't use as much of this at this time of year. But the normal, they have rebranded...

What does Dead Mans Fingers Coconut Rum smell like?

Well, it's not really gonna surprise you. There is not much else coming off there. Yes, I can smell rum, but 90% of my, sort of, the aroma for me is taken up by coconut.

What does Dead Mans Fingers Coconut Rum taste like?

Taste wise though, this is where it comes into its own for coconut rums for me. There are a few other coconut rums on the market. But for me, this is my favourite one. I really, really do like it! Not simply because of the brand, I actually do like the liquid at all. It's not overly sweet compared to some other coconut rums. It's still trying to be a rum. Do kinda get that rum kick in there as well. I'd say there's not much else on the palette at all. There's no sort of spices or anything like that for me. It's just coconut and rum.

What can you mix with Dead Mans Fingers Coconut Rum ?

Where are we going with mixers? Well first off, the obvious one, as you would do a Malibu or anything like that, Malibu's probably biggest known serve is coke. Those two just work very, very well for me. There's no point playing around with any of the signatures. Think they're completely wasted on that. As I say, it's just trying to be a fun drink, that's all. When it comes to the gingers for me, it's something that I personally don't like. I personally don't feel that they work, ginger and coconut. Some people it's going to. For me, it's a no though. I do not like them with that coconut rum. Is Schweppes 1783 Muscovado Dark Spirit Mixer? Yes, it says dark spirits in there, but there's just something about the taste that goes very, very well with coconut. I really like that combination. But the three, sort of, fun party drinks I wanna focus on are these. So let's go Ting first off. Ting's grapefruit, grapefruit and coconut goes really well together. You kinda get those tropical vibes. Again, nothing complicated about it. It's just a really, really lovely highball mixed drink. And then, we go into the out and out stars of the show for me, pineapple. Pineapple and coconut, match made in heaven. Of course, they're gonna work. This is Old Jamaica's Pineapple Soda which is a little bit sweeter than Fentimans. It's just nothing else in it. Think Lilt without the grapefruit. It is a lovely, lovely drink. But then my favourite one because my palette is changing now over the years, I'm getting a less sweeter tooth, I really like Fentimans Pineapple Soda with this. I just think those two go very, very well together. I've just, sort of, done a video about the pineapple soda. Again, for me, if you wanna know all about that, go and check out that video. Coconut pineapple, absolutely amazing. Really recommend those two.

Low Calorie Pina Colada Cocktail Recipe
Low Calorie Pina Colada Cocktail Recipe

Dead Mans Fingers Coconut Rum Low Calorie Pina Colada

Right, as I said at the top, I've got a cocktail for you, and this is a low calorie cocktail for you as well. You kinda guessed the lines that I'm going in. I'm gonna use my pineapple tiki glass. So we are gonna make, a kind of, a low calorie pina colada. There is no cream involved. There is no other coconut involved other than that, but the mixer is where this changes.


How to make a Low Calorie Pina Colada

Use your favourite Highball Glass

(my Pineapple one can be bought here;

Make in Glass

  • 50ml Dead Mans Fingers Coconut Rum

  • 15ml Orgeat Syrup

  • 15ml Lime Juice

  • 75ml Franklin & Sons Pineapple & Cardamom Soda

  • STIR

  • Garnish with a Pineapple and a Pineapple Leaf

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