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Coconut Cocktails with Kalani Rum

A tasty Coconut Mai Tai Cocktail Riff!

The Mai Tai just happens to be one of my favourite Cocktails. EVER. Those almond notes combined with Rum & Citrus is just a mouthwatering combination. Now the only thing better in my little world is simply swapping the Rums in a Mai Tai with a decent Coconut Rum. The finished result, probably the best Mai Tai variation you'll ever have!

Now, regular viewers will have seen I've been cycling through coconut Rums recently. First Dead Mans Fingers. The Aluna. Previously Koko Kanu. And now in this video, Kalani, which is actually a Mexican Rum liqueur bottled at 30% ABV. It's a vibrant Liqueur, plenty of lovely Coconut upfront with a nice sweetness on the finish. But it tastes real. Not a fake synthetic Coconut, like some other brands.

Coconut Mai Tai Cocktail

Let me know what you think about this recipe. And if you make it, make sure you Tag me on Instagram or Facebook.

Coconut Mai Tai Cocktail Recipe

22.5ml Lime

Ms Betters Bitters Pineapple & Star Anise Spritz

Pineapple Garnish

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