Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Review

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July 1st 2019. Its Day One of Imbibe Live. The biggest and best drinks trade show in the UK. As I walk in, down the centre aisle of the jam packed full Olympia, two soft drink brands with their huge sky-high banners stand out. Schweppes and Fever Tree. I always go to Imbibe Live with an agenda. Last year for example, was chatting to as many Gin Brands as possible to learn and get loads of knowledge. This year however, my focus was on Soft Drinks. I wanted to chat to brands about new, or under the radar softies that I’d missed for my whole simple serve agenda. Things that weren’t just crafted for Gin. Franklins, Buzbees and Fentimans were all on my radar to have a good play with.

Now as I spend 2 days at the show, I always do a good slow lap of the whole show before actually settling in to chat to people. I want to get my bearings, see who’s about. Maybe see some old faces before the hustle and bustle really kicks in. But on that lap, 2 things really leapt out at me and smacked a sense of industry realisation at me.

Firstly, outside the venue, chatting to a few exhibitor friends, I’d been told “it was all Gin again” this year. But in actual fact, while there was undoubtedly a lot of Gin…there was also a hell of a lot of Rum and a good smattering of Whiskey.

Secondly, while Schweppes did kind of have their premium 1783 Tonics on their stand (hidden but there), the huge emphasis was actually on Coca-Cola’s brand New Signature Mixers and the 1783 Muscovado Dark Spirit Mixer. AND, on the Fever Tree Stand, they had absolutely NO Tonic on it. Again, they had their 3 Ginger Ales, their Ginger Beer, and their Madagascan Cola.

This was it. It took mere seconds to hit me. 2 of the biggest players in the Bar Industry, where not there for the Gin Market. They were there for the Rum and Whiskey Market.

I’d seen signs over the last 6-8 weeks of a big Rum Renaissance trying to kick in. And I’ve certainly seen signs in 2019 of Whiskey making its play. But when you see Schweppes and Fever Tree dedicating 2 huge stands, costing some £15k to £25k each, at the biggest industry show of the year to Dark Spirits, you know full well the tide is turning. Yes Gin is huge. Yes it’ll still be huge in 12 months. But I tell you, Rum and Whiskey are coming. And more to the point, us Bartenders are getting damn bored of Gin, which will only mean we start focusing on other things to be different.

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers

What are they!?

These Signature mixers have been created to add that slight bit of premiumisation and sense of occasion to the famous Coca Cola family! While Coke obviously sell a tonne of it, for the discerning drinker, it doesn’t really give you that premium drinking experience. So Coke have collaborated with 4 high profile Bartenders to create 4 unique and quirky new brand extensions, specifically to mix with Dark Spirits. Although, caveat, having tried them with Vodka too, don’t let the whole Dark Spirt thing put you off if that’s not your bag. They’re just getting ready for the impending Rum & Whiskey explosion.

Coca Cola Signature Mixers
Coca Cola Signature Mixers

Signature Mixer Tasting Notes

Taken from Coca Cola’s Website…

SMOKY no1.

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Smoky Notes, by Max Venning: An intensely aromatic blend with smoky hints, this mix brings nuanced dimension to deep, spiced rums and bold, premium whiskies. Ylang, ambrette seed and dried fruit, which inhabit the top layer, are balanced with an elegant base of warm brown spices; Peru Balsam and amber.

SPICY no2.

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Spicy Notes, by Adriana Chía and Pippa Guy: With a warm introduction that gives way to a fiery finish, this Signature Mixer is a sophisticated and complex blend. Citrusy lime, ginger, spicy jalapeño, fragrant rosemary and aromatic jasmine combine to create a mixer with a considered balance of zest and earthy flavours that pairs beautifully with spiced rums, aged / gold tequilas and spicy or sweet whiskies.


Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Herbal Notes, by Antonio Naranjo: A delightfully floral, crisp and tart mix, this Signature Mixer was developed to deliver fresh and herbaceous notes for the discerning palate. Balancing refreshing notes of lemongrass with the earthy tones of dill seed and tagetes, it is an inviting mixer with a refreshing, simple profile that pairs beautifully with amber whiskies and most types of rum.

WOODY no4.

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Woody Notes by Alex Lawrence: Crafted from a subtle blend of earthy patchouli, citrusy yuzu and aromatic basil, this Signature Mixers has a tart, light and refreshing profile, with a hint of warmth. These elements, expertly blended, combine to elegantly enhance the mellow wood and sweet tropical flavours of golden rums and smoky to woody whiskies.