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Clover Club Cocktail

How to make this really TASTY Gin Cocktail at Home, or in a Pub or Bar

The Clover Club Cocktail is a drink that was invented way before Prohibition in the US. From research, I think this Cocktail was invented in the late 1890's. And it takes it's name from a Men's Club where it was invented... the Clover Club in Philadelphia.

The Clover Club Cocktail Recipe includes a decent London Dry Gin, Raspberry Purée...or Raspberry Jam. I wonder how many of you have ever used Jam in your cocktails?! I promise you, Jams make amazing Purées! There's also Vermouth and Lemon Juice.

However the final ingredient is possibly what made this Cocktail die off in popularity. That ingredient is Egg White. Egg White is added to quite a few Cocktails, take things like Sours for example. The Egg White itself doesn't add any flavour, but rather binds the ingredients to ether to give a lovely luxurious velvety texture on the finish with a frothy creamy Head. But, in this recipe i've got a simple hack so you don't have to use Egg White!

There are a few special ingredients available these days. Mainly to us Bartenders, but you can now easily get them online. This recipe for example uses Ms Betters Bitters Miracle Egg White. a quarter of a Pipette and you're set!

How to make a Clover Club Cocktail;

- Spoon Raspberry Jam - (or use 15ml Raspberry Purée) - 25ml Lemon Juice - 10ml Vermouth - 50ml London Dry Gin - Quarter of a Pipette of Ms Betters Bitters Miraculous Foamer

Add all the ingredients to a Cocktail Shaker, Add some Ice and give it a good Hard Shake, then Double Strain into a nicely chilled Coupe Glass.

Steve the Barman's Clover Club Cocktail


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