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Captain Morgan Tiki Rum Review and Cocktails

Captain Morgan has just launched a new flavour extension.

Welcome Captain Morgan Tiki, a new Pineapple and Mango flavoured "Rum". Well i say Rum but at only 25% abv, it's more at the Liqueur end of the spectrum. But none the less, even though it will get a torrent of abuse from "Rum Fans", the clever person will ignore this and take it at face value.

You see this is what "Rum Fans" normally miss about Captain Morgan drinks. Captain Morgan doesn't even pretend to aim its brand at these people. Instead, it positions itself at the Fun Drinks end of the market. And guess what, because of this, it's the biggest selling Rum Brand worldwide!

So what is this Tiki extension all about?!

Well in my opinion, Diageo (the Distributors) have done a VERY clever thing releasing this. Why??

Because Diageo already pretty much owns the Summer Serve Market in the UK. It owns Pimms which is the biggest Summer Drink hands down. It owns Gordon's Pink Gin, which outsells (or did) all other Pink Gins by 5:1. So that's 2 categories coming. Now they look at the likes of Halewoods coming with their Dead Mans Fingers Rum Brand with a few new Flavours... Mango and a Lime have just literally dropped as i'm writing this. literally, 2 hours ago! So what do Diageo do?! Release a Summer Rum Drink to cover the Rum Category, because they couldn't really do it with Morgans Spiced as it's been around Decades. And while it's massive, it still would never compete with Pimms or Gordon's Pink. Even in a Spiced Rum boom, as a Summer Drink, Morgans Spiced has go not chance. The UK market just doesn't think of it like that. So Diageo needs a new product...and BOOOM here it is. Captain Morgan Tiki, served with Lemonade!

Very Very Clever!!

How do you drink Captain Morgan Tiki Rum?

Well as i've just mentioned. Captain are promoting the Lemonade Serve on their bottles. And boy is that good. Simple. Fun. Innocent. Easy to make at home. Easy to bosh out in a Pub or Bar at break neck speed! Its just a Cash Cow for Pubs and Bars. Easy Money.

but what if you want to have a bit more fun with it? Some more simple serves? Or some Captain Morgan Tiki Cocktails? Well here you go...

Caribbean Passion

Hurricane Glass

35ml Captain Morgan Tiki Rum

15ml Passoa

15ml Amaretto

15ml Coco Reál Coconut Purée

75ml Pineapple Juice

50ml Ting Grapefruit Soda

Add the first 5 ingredients to a Cocktail Shaker with Ice. Shake Hard, then pour into a Highball Glass. Top up with Ting Grapefruit Soda

Hawaiian Pipeline Punch

Mason Jar

50ml Captain Morgan Tiki Rum

150ml Monster Pipeline Punch

Wedge of Lime

Build ingredients into a Highball Glass and Add Ice

Tiki Strawberry Colada

Pineapple Tiki Glass

50ml Captain Morgan Tiki Rum

15ml Real Strawberry Purée

25ml Real Coco Reál Coconut Purée

75ml Pineapple Juice

15ml Lime Juice

Add all the ingredients to a Cocktail Shaker, Shake, Strain into a Pineapple Tiki Glass. Garnish

Captain Morgan Tiki Cocktails

Rum Bongo

Tiki Glass

50ml Captain Morgan Tiki Rum

15ml Dead Mans Fingers Coconut Rum

10ml Grenadine

25ml Passion Fruit Purée

75ml Pineapple Juice

1 Lime Wedge

Add all the ingredients to a Cocktail Shaker, Shake, Strain into a Tiki Glass. Garnish

Tiki Roots


50ml Captain Morgan Tiki Rum

150ml Levi Roots Caribbean Crush

2 Wedges of Lime

15ml Blue Curacao

Build the Ingredients into a Highball Glass Except for the Blue Stuff. Fill with Ice and Stir. Drizzle Blue Curacao over the Top!

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