5 Easy MANGO Cocktail to make at home

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5 Easy Mango Cocktail to make at home with Dead Mans Fingers Mango Rum. In this video, I have 5 DELICIOUS Mango Rum Cocktails that would be great for your home Parties, or to serve up in your Pubs and Bars. DMF Mango Rum is one of their newer Flavoured Rums, and actually in my top 3. Really vibrant with a hint of Vanilla. It's Lovely. These Mango Cocktail are really easy to make and will impress all of your guests time and time again!


Cocktail 1

Cooler Glass - http://stblive.uk/bamboocooler

50ml DMF Mango Rum - https://stblive.uk/allDMF

15ml Banana Bols - https://stblive.uk/bolsbanana

15ml Lime Juice

15ml Cherry Liqueur - https://stblive.uk/bolscherry

25ml Apple Juice

Ms Betters Bitters Aromatic Bitters - https://stblive.uk/msbettersbitters

50ml Sprite

Absinthe Spritz - http://stblive.uk/pastis

Cocktail 2

Julep Glass - https://stblive.uk/sohojulep

8-10 Mint Leaves

20ml Sugar - https://stblive.uk/sugar

50ml Mango Rum - https://stblive.uk/allDMF

50ml Coconut Water

Cocktail 3

Diablo Highball - https://stblive.uk/diablo

50ml Mango Rum - https://stblive.uk/allDMF

15ml Licor 43 - https://stblive.uk/licor43

15ml Lime

20ml Coconut Purée - https://stblive.uk/odkpuree

50ml Lilt

Cocktail 4

Tiki Old Fashioned Glass - https://stblive.uk/tikiof

50ml Mango Rum - https://stblive.uk/allDMF

15ml Kings Ginger - https://stblive.uk/kingsginger

15ml Honey Sugar - https://stblive.uk/moninhoney

15ml Lemon Juice

50ml Water

Cocktail 4

Tiki Mai Tai Coupe Glass - https://stblive.uk/tikimaitai

50ml Mango Rum - https://stblive.uk/allDMF

10ml Apricot Brandy - https://stblive.uk/apricotbrandy

10ml Falernum - https://stblive.uk/velvetfalernum

20ml Lime Juice

10ml Cinnamon Sugar - https://stblive.uk/odksyrup

10ml Brown Sugar -