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5 EASY Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire Cocktails to make at HOME

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5 EASY Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire Cocktails to make at HOME. This video is one of my favourites so far. I absolutely LOVE this Jack Daniels whiskey variant. The Tennessee Fire is a Cinnamon Liqueur. Really vibrant in flavour and just makes some amazing cocktails. These will work if you want cocktails for a party, or whether you want to add some recipes to your pub or bar menu. Jack Daniels has 2 other flavour variants in the UK. This Tennessee Fire Cinnamon Whiskey, plus Apple Whiskey, Honey Whiskey. Plus you've also got the Normal, Rye and Gentleman jack too.


Cocktail 1

Old Fashioned Glass -

Cocktail 2

Endessa Highball -

Cocktail 3

Mai Tai Coupe -

Cocktail 4

Highball Glass -

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