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5 EASY Creamy Cocktails (aka Dessert Cocktails) you can make at Home

Creamy Cocktails are not really my thing these days. Simply because my poor little tummy can't handle the Dairy and Fizzy stuff that it once could. However, that wasn't going to stop me from creating some absolute little gems for you to try for yourselves at home.

Now the obvious route to go here would have the Mudslide, Screaming Orgasm Cocktail or the White Russian. However, there are probably close to 100,000+ pages on the old interwebs about how to make these recipes. And those of you who follow me closely will know I'm not about making those famous Cocktails!

5 awesome Creamy Cocktails
5 awesome Creamy Cocktails

My style is to think a little outside the box and create something different to inspire you to do the same for yourselves. So I created a twist on the Brandy alexander with Banana. You also have a couple of Tiki(ish) style Cream Cocktails. And a blast from the distant past, a Lemon Meringue martini! It's gorgeous! Enjoy!

How to make Cream-Based Cocktails

Creamy Cocktail Recipes

Banana Alexander

15ml Giffard Banana Liqueur

30ml Half & Half

Garnish; Nutmeg

Birds of Paradise Fizz

60ml JJ Whitley Mango & Lime Gin

15ml John D Taylor Velvet Falernum

15ml Monin Raspberry Syrup

2 Dashes Orange Bitters

Top with Fentimans Tropical Soda

Garnish; Raspberry Kebab

Caribbean Milk Punch

Glass; Grace Coupe

45ml Plantation Pineapple Rum

15ml Licor 43

30ml Half & Half

Garnish; Nutmeg


Glass; Tiki Mai Tai

60ml Plantation Isle of Fiji

15ml JJ Whitley Toffee Vodka

30ml Half & Half

Garnish; Cinnamon Powder

Lemon Meringue Martini

15ml Sugar


15ml Licor 43

30ml Half & Half

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