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5 EASY Cocktails with Banana Rum

In this video, I have 5 fun & easy Cocktails with Banana Rum. I was going to use Dead Mans Fingers Banana Rum. However, after reviewing it on my other channel; WATCH HERE I was put off from using it in this video. However, never fear, step forward Rockstar's Banana Bomb Rum which is EPIC by comparison!

When I opened the Dead Manas Fingers Banana, I was excited. Big bold Banana notes smacked me in the face. However, once poured into a glass. Firstly the Banana nose disappears, but then when I taste it, I actually can't taste any Banana whats so ever. Plenty of Caramel. Even a subtle Honey note. But Banana, nope.

So if anyone wants 2/3rds of a bottle of DMF Banana, slide into my DMs! Because I deffo ain't gonna drink it!

Banana Rum Cocktails

Cocktail Recipes from the Video

Cocktail 1

Banana + Coffee + Coke

Glass; Endessa Highball

45ml Rockstar Banana Bomb Rum

15ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

90ml Coke

Garnish; Dehydrated Lime

Cocktail 2

Banana Old Fashioned

Glass; Rocks

45ml Rockstar Banana Bomb Rum

15ml Amaretto

15ml Mozart Chocolate Liqueur

10ml Monin Cinnamon Syrup

2 Dashes Chocolate Bitters

Garnish; Dehydrated Orange + Maraschino Cherry

Cocktail 3

Banana Daiquiri

Glass; Nick & Nora

45ml Rockstar Banana Bomb Rum

15ml Kalani Coconut Liqueur

30ml Lime Juice

15ml ODK Orgeat

2 Dashes Molasses Bitters

8 Drops Stillabunt Foamers

Garnish; Dehydrated Lime

Cocktail 4

Dirty Banana Riff

Glass; Pineapple Tiki Glass


30ml Rockstar Banana Bomb Rum

30ml JJ Whitley Toffee Vodka

15ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

10ml Sugar Syrup

30ml Cream

Garnish; Banana

Cocktail 5

Banana Punch

Glass; Fiji Tiki Highball

45ml Rockstar Banana Bomb Rum

15ml Monin Honey Syrup

15ml Monin Mango Syrup

15ml Lime Juice

30ml Pineapple Juice

45ml Gunna Turtle Juice

Bittermens Elamakule Tiki Bitters

Garnish; Dehydrated Pineapple + Pineapple Spear

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