5 Classic Gin based Cocktails - 2020 TWISTS

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5 Classic Gin based Cocktails brought up to date with some 2020 TWISTS. Gin Cocktails can be amazing. Especially the classics. So in this video, I'm going to do what I do best and that's flip-up these classic Gin based drinks and bring them kicking and screaming into the new modern-day! I've got the Bramble Cocktail, the Tom Collins, the French 75, Pink Lady and the Gin Fizz. Then i put new twists on them to give you my current favourite Gin based Cocktail Recipes!


Cocktail 1 - Bramble

Diablo Rocks- https://stblive.uk/diablo

Cocktail 2 - Tom Collins

Apero Highball Glass - http://stblive.uk/aperohighball

Cocktail 3 - French 75

Champagne Flute - http://stblive.uk/michelangelochampagne

Cocktail 4 - Gin Fizz

Endessa Highball Glass - http://stblive.uk/endessa

Cocktail 5 - Pink Lady

Retro Fizz Coupe - http://stblive.uk/retrofizz