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What Tonic with Boodles Gin?

In today's video, I'm going to be talking to you all about Boodles Gin, Boodles British Gin. I'm going to tell you what it tastes like, what it smells like, where it comes from, and, more importantly for you guys, what tonic waters I think work exceptionally well for it.

I just want to give a very quick shout out. Thank you very much to the new subscribers. We're ticking up a few a day now. Absolutely phenomenal. And to those of you that are dropping me DMs in Instagram @Stevethebarman, I'm loving some of the chats going on there. And my Norwegian friends on Facebook, hello my friend. I know you watch most of these videos. Hope you're enjoying those recommendations.

How to try new gins cheaply

Anyway, let's crack on with Boodles Gin. Boodles British Gin. Now, it's not ... I wouldn't call it a chequered past, but it's had a little bit of a weird and wonderful past. 1762 it was created, as far as I'm aware. And it was created in a gentleman's club in London. The guy that used to run it, I think was Edward Boodle. So it was named after him. Now it's kind of, say, it's always been there, Rumour has it that Churchill was actually a member of his club when he was alive and actually Boodles was one of his favourite gins, one of his tipples there. And how true that is, I don't know, but that's kind of the marketing line.

Anyway, as said, the chequered sort of history was kinda come, it kinda disappeared, and went sort of U.S. based. We had Seagrams, that owned it, and bottled it in the U.S. It's always been made in the UK, and I'll tell you where in a minute, but Seagrams, they sold out to, when they kind of went under, they kind of sold out to Pernod Ricard, and Pernod Ricard sold it to Proximo Spirits. Proximo are a distributor in America, New Jersey. So it's always been available in the U.S and the Japanese markets, but it completely went off grid in the UK. It was relaunched again by Proximo, they still own it now.

October 2013, brand new bottle in the UK, and that's when it's kind of come to life again in the UK. Supermarket wise, I've seen this in Sainsbury's in the UK, but I haven't see it in too many other supermarkets, so I don't know about other supermarkets, but definitely available in Sainsbury's. Not bad price, about 22, 24 quid, sometimes selling at 20 quid, so it's not a bad price.

Now, let me tell you who makes it. You guessed it, I keep banging on about them, in most of the videos I do. G&J Distillers is another one out of there stables. G&J, so the brand owners there thy own Greenalls, obviously, Opihr Gin, Bloom, Thomas Dakin. They own what they distribute in their own rights, but they contract distillers. They are the biggest in the UK. They distil so many gins Brockman's is one of theirs. I know that even though they don't publicise it, I know Brockman's is one. I'm sure quite a few other gins. I keep saying Pinkster, I think Pinkster comes from G&J.

What Botanicals are there in Boodles Gin?

But Boodle's is another one, so they are huge and are very good at what they do. Now botanical wise, this is a very strange one, because there's absolutely no citrus in this gin at all, which is very rare. Now I'll run down 'em, so we've got;

  • juniper,

  • coriander,

  • angelica root and seeds,

  • cassia,

  • carroway,

  • nutmeg,

  • rosemary,

  • and sage.

So it's a very, kind of floral-ish kind of gin.


Now, on the nose, you get a sage, I really get the sage. We kind of get this woody, woody bark going on. I'm going all pretentious, but that's kind of what you can kinda smell.


But when you taste it, actually it's quite, I get a little bit hit of spice, but a little bit of sweetness to it as well, it's no harshness like some gins, like Thomas Dakin, for instance. When you drink that neat, you kind of get that bite and you go, oh, because of the horseradish in there. That's actually, I wouldn't say it's super smooth, not like the last video I did, That Boutique-y Gin Company green citrus, I wouldn't say it's super smooth, but it does go down really well, little bit of sweetness on the aftertaste, really nice. So, yeah, really cool.

What Tonic with Boodles. My preferred Serve...

Watch the video to find out...


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