What is the Best Spiced Rum & Coke?

Coming up, in this Blog, I've got a very quick run down of my top five Spiced Rums to mix with Coca-Cola. These are the Spiced Rums that I've featured so far to date, tail end of 2019, and so if you wanna know what my top five favourite Spiced Rum and Cokes are, keep reading.

Right then, this Blog, as I've said, is my favourite Spiced Rum and Cokes, this is prompted by quite a few questions in the comments now on various different videos that I've rocked out, but Steve what is your favourite Spiced Rum and Coke, so I thought as we're coming up to Christmas, this is kind of the review, the end of the year, I've done 33 Spiced Rum reviews now, since June, it's kind of when this channel flipped over from gin to Spiced Rum, which is my out and out love, it's what I love to drink, so yeah, this is kind of the round up series. I've done all of these Spiced Rums with Coca-Cola Zero, I just thought that was fair.

Missing out...

Now just missing out on the top five, purely and utterly by price alone, is World's End Tiki Spiced Rum, it's an absolutely phenomenal Spiced Rum, really, really love it, however, for me, if you're gonna have a Spiced Rum with Coke or anything like that, this is nearly 35 pounds a bottle. Very expensive in that scheme of things so, while it is absolute phenomenal, I don't class it any better than the top five that I'm gonna show you in a second, that come in way below the 30 pound mark. So that is lovely, if money is no object to you, that is absolutely amazing, but for me, just missed out on top five.

Watch the Review Video; https://youtu.be/h132n5JNQC0

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Fifth Place…

Right then, in fifth place, good old favourite this one, that is just everyone loves this, this is RedLeg, it's their normal Red Leg, so vanilla and ginger, kind of the drier end of the Spiced Rums, not cloyingly sweet, and just absolutely lovely, comes in under 20 pound a bottle, can get it online but most supermarkets will stock this now and if they don't, they certainly will do January, February next year when Spiced Rum grows even further. So that's my fifth place, this is RedLeg, again, less then 20 pounds a bottle.

Watch the Review Video; https://youtu.be/5eoKnbWgOGk

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Fourth Place…

Now in fourth place, this, I've got a lot of love for this one, again, cheap as chips, this is Dead Man's Fingers, I've got a lot of love for it, a bit bias because I'm Cornish, this is a Cornish brand that's been around quite a long time now in the grand scheme of things, now owned Halewood's, you will pick this up at less than 19 pounds, I think even cheaper at the moment, a lot of supermarkets haven't taken this on yet which I find quite bizarre but it's definitely on Ocado, it's definitely in Asda and you can also get it online for less than 19 pounds. Dead Man's Fingers, a little bit sweeter than Red Leg, it's kind of got, sort of traditional spices, the vanilla, bits of cinnamon, lime in there, but it's a Spiced Rum and Coke for less than 20 pounds you cannot go wrong with that, so that is my fourth placed Spiced Rum.

Watch the Review Video; https://youtu.be/2OdoKdV-urE

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Third Place…

Right then, in third place, let's get right to it. Cut To the Spice, this is absolutely amazing. Slightly more expensive than these two, you will get it about 23, 24 pounds, may have to order this online, still at the moment, haven't seen this in too many supermarkets, well when I say too many, I haven't seen it in any supermarkets yet, if you have, let me know in the comments below, of what supermarkets people can get it from, but absolutely love this stuff.

The whole Cut To thing, again with all these, I'll drop links, just in that corner, I think it's that corner, I'm in the mirror so I can't, is it that corner, whatever, I'll drop links above of where you can find the review of this, basically the whole Cut To they're just cutting away all the b@llsh@t, as I said in the previous video, spin it around, you don't need to know it's Madagascan vanilla or anything like that, it's just vanilla, same with nutmeg and clove, but this as a Rum and Coke, just absolutely lovely. This also does come in at less than 40% ABV, same as those actually, all three of these so far are 37 and a half percent ABV, which still legally makes them a Spiced Rum, no 35, but 37, anything below 37 and a half percent is legally a spirit based drink or liqueur, or whatever you want to call it. But these are proper out and out Spiced Rums, so this is my third place, this is Cut To, absolutely lovely.

Watch the Review Video; https://youtu.be/FAck4E7fRK8