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What is Rum?

Are you looking to learn all about Rum? Then you've come to the right place! This blog and my YouTube channel will give you the education you need to learn everything there is to know about what makes rum unique and special. Take a tour around the world as we explore where rum comes from, what varieties are available, and what different flavours it can have. With my helpful videos and guides, you'll be able to impress friends with your newfound knowledge of what sets rum apart from any other spirit category. After taking this journey with me, you'll surely have a better handle on what rum tastes like and what makes it stand out!

The above Video is the start of my playlist. Each video covers a different aspect of Rum!

Videos so far include;

  • What is Rum

  • Where does Rum come from

  • What is "Caribbean" Rum

  • What is White Rum

  • What is Gold Rum

  • What is Aged Rum

  • What is Dark Rum

  • What is Spiced Rum

  • What are Blended Rums

  • What Rum can you Sip Neat

And I will be adding to this playlist every Saturday morning.

Don't forget I have 3 Rum YouTube Channels;


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