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Weekend Round up – 23/12/2018

It’s the weekend before Christmas. All the corporate Events are done, just a couple of smallish private events to finish off with. December has flown by, but after this weekend, I still have one more to do. No, not New Years Eve, I’m off this year and spending time with the girlfriend. No, my last event of the year is the Sunday before, the 30th. But to finish up before Crimbo, lets tell you about Friday night.

Helen, a good friend of a friend, booked me for her Sons 21st Birthday party. She wanted a Cocktail Making Masterclass before they sat down to Dinner. The event was over in Wadesmill, just on the outskirts of Ware, Hertfordshire. The house…well converted Barn…was stunning. I was set up in kind of the Hallway/reception room. A perfect space for a Masterclass for 16 people.

cocktail making at home

The group were pretty lairy! And I actually think the adults were a tad more lairy than the kids, but, being a 40 something myself, you do tend to have more fun when you get older! 😉

I managed to set up an extra Table so I could get 6 Stations, which was perfect for the group. I do love splitting the group into 3. For my Masterclasses, it just helps the flow very nicely.

Cocktail Making Masterclass in Ware
Cocktail Making Masterclass in Ware

Cocktails were the standard Mojito, Pornstar Martini and Bramble. You know, I have toyed with flipping up the Cocktails, but they just work for me. The whole Rum, Vodka, Gin combo. Fresh, Fruity and Sour. For me they’re the perfect combo and have the perfect story to go with them. Oh, and there’s the Tiki Fire too! Can’t forget the Tiki Fire Shots!!

Friday was great fun. Done in about 2 hours. Got upstaged by a Staffy at the start, but they say never work with animals and kids!!

Cocktail Making Masterclass for Birthday Party
Cocktail Making Masterclass for Birthday Party

Then we get on to Saturday.

Saturday night was a quiet affair. Samantha booked me to surprise her Hubby. Just 8 of them in total. This was an All-Inclusive Party and she’d booked 3 cocktails and a round of shots per person!

The Shots, well she wanted old school, so out came the Chambord and the Cream and I layered up some Jammy Dodgers for them to kick start their night.

The Menu for the evening was a complete request from Samantha. The list consisted of;

  • Mojito

  • Mai Tai

  • French Martini

  • Amaretto Sour

  • White Russian

  • Bramble

As each of the 8 guests got 3 cocktails each, there wasn’t really an out and out favourite, each one of them was a request for each guest.

Mai Tai
Mai Tai

To compliment me, Samantha had also hired a Hot Tub for the Evening too. A cracking idea. I’d never thought of hiring a Hot Tub for a Party before but they seemed to love it…even though it was just 3 days before Christmas and almost Frost temperature outside! Needless to say, the party wasn’t buzzing for me. I was only there to serve 24 Cocktails, so I was a little quiet, but they enjoyed the evening, which is the main thing.

So that’s me done for a week.

Merry Christmas People!


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