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Weekend Round Up – 1/1/2019

Cocktail Making Masterclass in Lincoln for a 50th Birthday.

This year, (or should I say last year now?!) I had News Years Eve off, no bookings. In all honesty, I had decided to take the night off way back in September. However, never one to bullpoop people, I actually only had 2 enquiries this year. Compared to the 14 last year. Perhaps the world knew I was off?! Who knows. But any way, I still had an Event to do between Crimbo and New Years Eve.

Waaaay back in January 2018, Mary Booked me for her 50th Birthday Party which was taking place on 30th December 2018. A Sunday Night. A year in the planning, but worth the wait.

cocktail masterclass at home ​

The Event was up in Market Rasen, a few miles North East of Lincoln. Now for some reason, I don’t market myself in Lincolnshire, BUT, I do get a few bookings up that way.

At face value, it looks miles away from me, and it is. 100+ Miles and 2 Hour Drive. However, it is such an easy drive for me, I don’t know why I don’t actually focus on up there a bit more. Once you navigate a few Roundabouts on the A46 and hit the A1, it’s Cruise Control on at 70mph all the way back home for the best part of 85 miles (except for the current Road Improvements at Bar Hill, Cambridge…10 miles of 40mph). If it was Roadwork free, unless something weird happened, the very next time I’d have to touch my Brakes would be at J10 of the M11, a mile from my House! Literally 85 miles of cruising! And as I’ve said before, I LOVE the drive. Podcasts and Audiobooks, I’m in my Element.

Anyway, Mary's Birthday…

Mary hired me to provide a Cocktail Making Masterclass in Lincoln for her, 25 Friends and Family including a few Kids. The venue they had hired was an EPIC Barn Conversion called Waggoners Barn, Ash Farm Barns. They obviously had 25 of them, but looking at it, I reckon it can sleep more. Set up in a Horseshoe shape with Hot Tubs and Pool Tables, I was set up in the Left Wing, in a Kitchen the size of my House! No need for my Tables either, as I just used my Bar and then set up a further 5 stations on the Table, meaning 8 of them could get their shake on at a time, which is perfect, because I do like breaking Masterclasses down into 3 groups.

Cocktail Making Masterclass for Party in Lincoln

Just recently, I’ve been getting a few neggy comments from enquiries saying they all want to make Cocktails at the same time, but, well, for the way I run things, I love the whole 3 group scenario. Afterall, if you’re all making and shaking at the same time, who’s going to take the photos and rip the piss?!! Don’t forget, I’m all about Entertainment and Fun.

As it was Mary's Special Birthday, we also laid on something a bit different too. I got my Cocktail Tree’s out and laid on some of my awesome Festive Spritz’s for the Welcome Drinks. (See the recipe here). Then obviously the standard Masterclass came out. Always breaking the group in easily with Mojitos. Then we get the fun and games going with Pornstar Martinis. And to finish, a simple, but very tasty Bramble…which over the last few months has been many peoples favvy drink of the evening! Is this the new Pornstar Martini?!!

For the Grand Finale, I laid on my Gin Presentation and a little Tasting. 30 mins of History, Knowledge, Brands and Tonic showcase, then they all got to choose their own G&T combo at the end, or in some cases, more Pornstar Martinis!!

Kick off was 7pm and I was done and loaded and back on the road by 11pm. All slightly more lubricated and noise level treble than when I started!! …It’s soooo funny. Every Event is the same. It starts off all quiet, sedate and shy, then by Cocktail 2, it’s doubled in Volume!!

As for Waggoners Barn. As I say, if you’re looking for a big Venue in Lincolnshire, honestly, this place is amazing!!

Thank you Mary and Family. You guys were amazing and I loved the effort of the Black Tie and Dresses! Happy Birthday. Until the next time!

Fancy hiring me to help you celebrate a special occasion!?


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