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The Gin & Dehydrated Fruit Experiment

On a previous Video on my YouTube channel, a subscriber “8 past 10” (thank you my friend) asked me to do a video to see how using different Dehydrated fruits affected Gins and Tonics. I thought this was a cracking idea, so I decided to look in to it.

Up until 12/18 months ago, it was a given that most Pubs and Bars deferred to using a simple Wedge of Lime in most of their G&T serves. But is this really the best thing for Gin? My own personal opinion for example… I’m against the whole squeeze of Lime thing in a G&T, especially a decent G&T, because surely the whole point of paying more money for a decent Gin is to taste the Botanicals and the flavours the Distiller wants you to taste?! Surely as soon as you squeeze a wedge of lime into most gins, they are going to taste identical. You’re just going to end up with a Citrus flavoured G&T. Granted, some Gins will taste smoother. Some Gins may even thrive off the whole squeeze of Lime thing. Gordons still markets itself in that way now. But, lets take The Botanist Gin for example. £30+ a bottle. 31 Different Botanicals. 22 Native to the Isle of Islay. A lovely delicate floral Gin. Is that REALLY going to benefit from a squeeze of lime?!!

So where does Dehydrated Fruit come in to this!?

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Well, this experiment could lead to a whole new series on my YouTube Channel. Currently when I do Gin Reviews, I’m all about matching the Gins up to the best Tonic Waters. I found out ages ago, that not all Tonics work with every Gin. While Fever Tree works exceptionally well with a lot, I found out that for my own personal taste buds, it actually clashed with a few Gins. Shocking right?! “The Best Tonic Water” doesn’t actually work with all Gins?!

So, when it comes to Fruit, are different Fruits actually going to create a whole different flavour of Gin & Tonic? Is it really going to be as simple as just whacking a Lemon slice in? Is Dehydrated Fruit going to actually make more of a Difference? I tell ya, the more I think about it, there’s a whole new Video series coming! Once I find the right Tonic Pairing, then I have to find the right Fruit Pairing. Then is the Fruit going to make Tonic Waters that I’d already disregarded, work better? This could go on, and on, and on…!!! It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!


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Dehydrated Fruit will become much cheaper in the Long Run as the fruit will keep for ages in an Air Tight Container. There will be little, to no wastage as opposed to fresh fruit which will go off after a Time.

On face value, The Strawberries above look expensive, but it averages out to just 3p a Strawberry! Trust me, there's a lot in that Box!!



Then you have to ask the question, does it ACTUALLY MATTER?!!?

Arguably, No.

You like what you like. Who am I to tell you that you’re actually drinking a G&T wrong?!

But then the flip side is, I have this passion inside me, a fire in my belly. I just want you to Drink Better Drinks. I want your 7/10 or 8/10 experience to be a full on 10/10! I want you to pick up a Drink and think WOW! That’s what I’m all about.

So, the Experiment…

To start off with, I grabbed, 4 Gins that I had to hand. All different Styles.

  • Bloom Gin

  • Bulldog

  • Roku

  • and Pinkster.

I then paired these off with Franklin & Sons Tonic. Why Franklin & Sons?! Well, it’s a lovely Tonic. Perhaps not the best for certain Gins, but over the last year, I’ve found it to be one of the top All-rounders. I’ve never had a Clash with it, where as I have with Schweppes and Fever Tree. I would’ve used Tescos own Tonic to be honest, as that’s the out and out all-rounder. But, then, well I wanted to stick to “Brands” I suppose. Pubs and Bars for example simply can’t use Tesco Tonic. How would you feel walking in to a High End Bar and being served Tesco Tonic? Which is super annoying, because my favvy Combo at the moment is Aldi’s Hortus Gin with Tesco Tonic! For me, it knocks spots off Tanqueray, Gordons, Sipsmith, to name a few!!

Anyway, I digress! (Get me with posh words!)

I then grabbed the 4 different Dehydrated Fruits I have.

  • Lemon

  • Lime

  • Strawberry

  • and Orange.

Here’s the complicated bit. To be a proper experiment, I had to line up 16 drinks. Take Bloom for example. I had to line up 4x Bloom and Tonics, then Garnish them with a Lemon, a Lime, an Orange, and some Strawberries. Get the picture?! I tell ya, doing this research is TOUGH!

Some 15 minutes later, I actually had some results I really wasn’t expecting. Some may say Shockers! Others may say, just pass me the Lime and get on with it!!

To see the results, watch the short video…

Do these results shock you? Are you intrigued about using different Fruits now?! Are you going to play about with your Favvy Gin to see if it can actually be any better?!

If so, let me know in the Comments below.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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