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The First Hen Party Cocktail Making Class of the year!

Weekend round up 14/1/2019

First Friday and Saturday Event weekend of the year, which marked my first Hen Party of 2019.

But not only that, Hen Party number 230!!

That’s not a bad milestone to hit. I started my biz 6+ years ago. Started off with Weddings etc. the big stuff that I hate now. I took the occasional Hen Party in the early days, but it’s only since 2016, when I niched down into these kinds of events, that I’ve well and truly conquered the Hen Party scene. I forget now, but I had worked it out. Something like 190ish of those Hen Parties came after Jan 2016!!

Hen Party Cocktail Making Class by Steve the Barman

Friday night started just north west of Cambridge. Boxworth to be precise. To be even more precise. 1.5 miles in the flippin middle of nowhere!! But what a lovely house and a lovely bunch of people.

Mark and Claire had hired me for a small All-Inclusive Cocktail Party to celebrate Claire’s Birthday. 15 guests in total. But even more importantly, 2 gorgeous Labs! One Chocolate, one Black! I do love a Labrador! And these girls were the most placid of them all. Trained hooting dogs...but soppy with it!

I set up shop in their amazing Conservatory, you know, one of those extension to the house Conservatories, not one that you have to go out some patio doors to!

Mark & Claire prepaid for 50 Cocktails in total…a fair shout for 15 guests, and left the Menu up to me to choose, the only thing Mark had said, is that he liked Margarita’s, so I duly stuck that on the list.

The rest of the list consisted of;

  • Mojitos

  • Pornstar Martinis

  • Bramble

  • The Winter Spritz (I’ve dropped the “Festive” now as crimbo has finished)

Then for the last cocktail, I went for a oldie, but a goodie. I rocked out a Bakewell Tart!! I haven’t had one on the list for aaaaages. I don’t even know why I thought of it, but I’m sooo glad I did, because it was actually a favourite of the night.

It was a steady night, nothing frantic, just plenty of laughes, giggles and we even had a Sloe Gin off. Mark had made is own…a plain one, a clove one and a bloomin lovely Star Anise one!! NEVER EVER thought of Star Anise, but I tells ya, that rocked.

Finally finished up about 11:30pm ish, home just after Midnight. Really Cracking night. We're already trying to fit in a Summer Party!

As for Saturday.

Yeah, that was a little different…

Leanne and her Hens!!

Now I’m sooo glad they were my first of 2019, because they were amazing Fun. Mid 30s to mid 40s…and Leslie, the Ring Leader! In my eyes, the perfect age group for me and my Banter. I could tell from the very first few seconds that I was in for a cracker, when one, mentioning no names (Louise!!!), was eyeing me up and down, thinking I was their Butler in the Buff. I’ll take that as a massive compliment 😂😂.

Leanne had booked me for her own Hen Do, and quite right too! She just wanted the best. So I’d call it shrewd and damn good forward thinking!

She wanted me set in the kitchen, and as it was tight, we didn’t really have room for my Bar. But do you know what, not having it made it better I think. 15 of them crammed round the Kitchen Table just made it full of banter.

This was an early start. 3pm to be precise, because they were going out for dinner at 7ish. Now just because it was a 3pm KO, this does not excuse them from the customary Tiki Fire 75% Rum to kick off proceedings. It literally takes Hens form 0-60 in 5 minutes... and is vital in order for my Banter to land!

Standard Masterclass; Mojitos, Pornstars and Brambles. And because I had 7 stations set up, it meant they just split into 2 groups around the table. Group 1 shaking. Group 2 laughing hysterically at group 1 shaking!

The star of the show, undoubtedly Leslie. She was hammered by the Pornstar Martini. But to be fair to her, the rest of them weren’t actually that far behind.

As the Shakefaces were finishing (the Pornstar Martini round), it was time for their first game they’d organised. Something along the lines of “Guess the Visitor”. Needless to say, he was just wearing a 6 inch apron! I tell you, those guys, they’ve got some…ahem…Balls… to do that. Yeah, he was ripped, muscles on muscles. But well, still, 15 Hens fueled with Tiki Fire, Mojitos and Pornstars! Not that I’m jealous or anything… 😂 (and no, Leanne didn't book him!!! That was a surprise!)

I was done and dusted by 5:30pm. So were the girls, but I have it on good authority they did make it out to dinner that night. I also have it on good authority that a few weren’t feeling the brightest on Sunday! Leanne and her Gang, easily slide in to my top 10. Maybe even my top 5. There’s just something about our generation. Life begins at 40 and the banter just flows!!

Leanne and Hubster to Be, fly off later this week for an amazing Wedding in Antigua. WOW. Have a great time guys.

And Leanne and Gang.

THANK YOU so much for being number 230!

Steve the Barman Cocktail Masterclass


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