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The Best Rums to try in 2024

As has become customary for my YouTube over the last few years, here are my top recommendations of Rums you should try in 2024.

Now, remember my criteria. I am not interested in expensive Single Cask releases that the real big Rum Enthusiasts crave. There are plenty of Rum Reviewers out there talking about these Rums. All with far more refined palates than me.

Instead, I focus on that entry point, going from sweet Spiced Rums to "Proper Rums".

And I have the loose ceiling on my channel of £50/$60/€60.

Rums that can be sipped but also won't be wasted with Mixers and Cocktails.

I know I get a bit of grief from some Rum Enthusiasts about that, but they don't see the bigger picture and often forget they all started at the lower end of things. Some will even have you believe their first Rum was a 68% 12yo Barbados beast. But we all know it was Kraken or Captain Morgan's. I just laugh and move them swiftly on.

My sole interest is to help the mass market make better decisions and try to pass on a little education. If I can help people on their journey to craving those 68% Single Cask Rums after a few years, then I see that as my mission accomplished. But I'll never lose sight of my target audience and what I actually enjoy about Rum.

If you're reading this Blog during December 2023, I'll edit it each week, after each video has been released, so this will be the comprehensive list.

Best DARK Rums to try in 2024

Best of British


Best DARK Rums to try in 2024

Best of British


Best MIXING Rums to try in 2024


Best AGED Rums to try in 2024


Best SPICED Rums to try in 2024

UK Only;


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