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Surprise 30th Birthday Cocktail Party

Private House Party in Brancaster, Norfolk for 10 Ladies.

Marco, the boyfriend of the Birthday Girl…what a legend. With the help of Robyn’s best friend, Marco laid on me as a surprise treat for them all.

The Girls had booked up a luxury house up on the North Norfolk Coast for the weekend, courtesy of Barefoot Retreats and Marco asked me to turn up on the Saturday night to entertain them all with a Cocktail Masterclass.

The package was the simple Standard Package. The Girls got to make;

  • A Mojito

  • A Porn Star Martini

  • A Raspberry & White Chocolate Collins

The girls, all dressed in matching Pyjama’s had loads of fun. Super friendly and full of giggles! And were pretty damn good behind the Bar! I didn’t even need my Bar, I uses the Breakfast Bar/Kitchen work top which was perfect for this kind of thing!

Happy Birthday Robyn…and Cheers Marco!

Birthday Cocktail Making Class in Norfolk
Birthday Cocktail Making Class in Norfolk


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