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RumTing Flavoured Rum Review

Coming up in this video, I've got a really fun rum for you to try, this is RumTing. I've got a quick review, I'm gonna tell you what it smells like, what it tastes like. I'm gonna tell you my favourite sort of highball serve, simples mixers that you can pop in it. And then coming up right at the end, I've got a few cocktail serves for you. So if you wanna know about RumTing, stay tuned.

Hey spiced rum fans, I'm Steve the Barman, and I'm hoping these videos will help you drink, serve, and enjoy better quality spiced rum. Flavoured rum, spiced rum, I love most spiced rums, but we're going flavoured rums today. If that sounds like your cup of tea, if you love what I do, and if you love your spiced rums, hit me up in the comments below. Let's start a conversation. Tell me what your favourite rums are. Tell me what your favourite mixers are. Tell me what your favourite spiced rum cocktails are. If you want me to feature any spiced rums on videos in the future, go ahead and drop them in the comment.

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Right, let's crack on. Any gin fans that have clicked the thumbnail, thinking "Hang on, that looks familiar. "That looks like a gin", then yes it is. This is the first rum from these guys. They have their two gins, GinTing, the second one was the berries. Berries, Berries, Berries, the first gin that they've released was exactly the same flavour as this. Passionfruit, mango, and elderflower, but alls they've done, is they've taken that infusion and putting it into a rum.

Now I've met Kris, the owner of GinTing or RumTing a few times now, mainly at the bar shows. He's a lovely guy, and I love his kind of ethos. Again, he just wants to create some fun drinks. GinTing is the brand, came out very early 2018. Instantly was a massive hit. Now normally, I would read you the back of the bottle, because there's normally with rums, there's normally a really great marketing story. However, Kris has done something very different. If I spin that round so you can see it on the closeup, there is no story, instead there is a photo. That right there is Kris on his paddleboard, while on holiday in Cornwall, it's on the River Gannel, which is, it's Crantock, just south of the Fistral, literally the next bay round from the Fistral in Newquay, and that's where the inspiration came from.

This is brand spanking new out, early September 2019 is when it got launched. I don't know too much about a base liquid, alls I know it's of Guyana’s or white rum. It is 42.5% though. So all’s Kris will do with this, he'll ship the Guyanese Rum back over to the UK, and then it'll get flavoured up with passionfruit, with mango, with elderflower.

What does RumTing Smell Like?

Wow, that is very, very different to any kind of rum that I've smelled or tasted before. It is just, it smells tropical. Interestingly, the big notes I get off that are pineapple, probably mango, it all comes together. I'm not getting any elderflower in there at all. But oh boy, does that smell like fun in a bottle. So here's the first surprise for me. I actually thought it was a yellow bottle, and it's not. That's actually the colour of the rum. It's a lovely sort of goldeny, fruity, kind of orangy colour, really love that. And the bottle is actually clear. So that is the colour of the liquid.

What does RumTing Taste Like?

And the taste, the strength of the rum comes through, it's a lovely, kind of reminds me of fruit salads. That's what I'm getting off there, just a little sweet. So there's fruit salad sweet, absolutely love it. The first taste I get is that big hit, sort of tropical, mangoes and passionfruits. But as it goes down the back of the throat, that's for me when the elderflower comes out. Maybe a slight, sort of peppery spice kick to it. I'm not quite sure what else goes into it. I wanna kind of say, maybe a bit of clove, bit of cinnamon, or something like that, maybe even ginger. In actual fact, that could be what it is, ginger in there. But that is absolutely delicious. Really cannot wait to play about with that with mixers and see what it tastes like there. I can tell straightaway, that's gonna be amazing for some of the cocktails I've got in mind to show you in a bit.

What can i mix with RumTing?

Right then, simple serves, mixers, highballs, whatever you wanna call 'em, as you can see, I've had a really good play with that. That is just a fun drink. So, mixer one, this is just a normal supermarket lemonade that's their recommended serve, and I can see why. I don't often go lemonade, I don't know why, I kind of do like lemonade, normally I would have Sprite or 7 Up, things like that, haven't got any here. I've just got normal supermarket lemonade at the moment. That just works very, very well. But I think I can go better. My first proper, out and out recommended serve, Fentiman's Tropical Soda, pineapple, cardamom in there, hints of juniper, kaffir lime leaf, hints of pear extracts as well. Wow, wow, wow, wow, absolutely love those two together. If you are a tonic fan as well, the Lixir boys, with their tonics, I love their tonics. Their normal tonics are great, but their three flavoured ones, rhubarb and ginger, blood orange and clementine, absolutely delicious, but this one, elderflower and lemon, or lemon and elderflower tonic, with that is just absolutely superb. Tall glass, loads of ice, chilled tonic water, that is just amazing, tiny touch bitter quinine going on there, balances out the kind of big, bold, fruity, tropical notes, rum and tonic, if that is your thing, try that tonic water out.

This was another obvious one I wanted to try, RumTing Ting, there you go, how's about that? I'm crap at naming drinks. Works very well, the grapefruit, kind of bitter sort of grapefruit, balances out the big, sort of sweeter, bold, fruity notes in there, delicious. But the two mixers I wanna turn my attention to, are these Franklins & Sons Soda Waters. They are amazing low calorie sodas that pack a punch. This one is guava lime, with a slight hint of ginger in it, and this one is pineapple cardamom and a slight hint of pepper in there, low calories, 49 calories a bottle. I think if we're breaking it down per hundred mil, where is it, 18 calories per a hundred mil. And that's just what you're gonna need with them, and they are gonna be the focus of some of the cocktails I'm gonna show you in a minute.

RumTing Cocktail Recipes
RumTing Cocktail Recipes

RumTing Cocktails

I've got four cocktails that I'm gonna show you with this. The first cocktail is gonna be kind of a tropical Mojito, with a flip-top soda water that I've just shown you. That's gonna be right here, right now in this video. The other three cocktails, I'm gonna do exclusively on IGTV as well, so if you don't follow me on Instagram, make sure you jump over there They will get released shortly after this video. So there's three other cocktails you can do with RumTing, over on my IGTV, right, tropical Mojito.

How to make a Tropical Mojito using RumTing

In a Tall Glass…

  • 6 Wedges of Lime

  • 15ml Sugar Syrup

  • 50ml Rum Ting

  • 10-12 Mint Leaves

  • 75ml Franklin & Sons Pineapple & Cardamom Soda

  • Top with Crushed Ice

For more, for the other three cocktail recipes that I'm gonna do with this, make sure you go and check me out over on IGTV on my Instagram channel, @stevethebarman. I'll catch you next time.


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