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Perfect Negroni Cocktail with NEW Jaffa Cake Gin

Jaffa Cake Gin Review and How to make an Orange Negroni!

The Neqroni. One of those awesome Classic Gin Cocktails that originally comes out of Italy. Adapted from the Americano Cocktail which is a mix of Campari, Rosso Vermouth and Soda. Legend has it that a customer asked the bartender to make it a little stronger to give it a kick, so the bartender simply swapped out the Soda Water for a decent London Dry Gin. That was in a Cafe in Florence Italy in the rest is history. Definitely the most famous Campari Cocktails out there, and arguably, one of the most famous Gin Cocktails out there too.

But it doesn't have to be plain Gin, and in this new modern world, we love to play about with ingredients. I love a Negroni, but I'll be honest I love an Orange Negroni more.

If you look back at my YouTube Channel, you'll see a few Negroni Recipes. I've tried it with Tanqueray flor de Seville Orange Gin which I loved. I tried it with Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin which was okay. And I tried with Sipsmith Orange and Cacao Gin. which was also tasty, but I'll be honest, the Cacao got slightly lost.

Step forward this BRAND NEW GIN from Master of Malt in the UK. They sent me this bottle of Jaffa Cake Gin to try out and I was blown away. Easily the best Negroni I've ever tasted. The big bold Chocolate notes really compliment the Orange. And it's not a cliche, this really s is liquid Jaffa Cake. And anyone that knows me, knows a Jaffa Cake is one of lifes guilty pleasures. Alongside the Cornish Pasty and Kelly's Ice Cream of course!


Jaffa Cake Gin Review
Jaffa Cake Gin

How to make the Perfect Negroni Cocktail

  • 25ml Jaffa Cake Gin

  • 25ml Campari

  • 25ml Martini Rosso

  • Add the ingredients to a Glass or Shaker, Add plenty of Ice. Stir for a good 60 seconds to add a touch of dilution.

  • If you used a Shaker, Strain into a fresh Ice Filled Glass. Then Garnish with an Orange. And of course a Jaffa Cake.


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