Passoa Cocktails

5 amazingly TASTY and Fun Cocktails you can make with Passoa!!

Passoa. Fun, Fruity, Vibrant. Every Household NEEDS a bottle, purely for the Pornstar Martini. It's the vital ingredient that makes the PSM Pop! But what else can you make with it? Well, my Exotic Passion has been a thing since 2008 at least. A firm favourite on my Bar Menu. Ever Present for years! Try it. You'll love it! But I have 4 other Passoa Cocktail recipes for you too, starting with a very simple serve! All these Recipes would be very easy to make at home!

Passoa & Ginger

  • 50ml Passoa

  • 150ml Fever Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale

  • Very simple serve this one. Just add both ingredients to a Glass, Top up with Ice. Add a Garnish. Job Done!

Exotic Passion

  • 25ml Vodka

  • 25ml Fraise

  • 25ml Passoa

  • 100ml Rubicon Sparkling Mango

  • Another simple Serve. Just Add all your ingredients to your favourite Tall Glass..make it as elaborate as possible. This Cocktail is perfect for a Hurricane Glass. Or Even a Tiki Glass. Add some Ice. Stir. Add a Eye Popping garnish and Serve!

Passoa Margarita

  • 50ml Tequila

  • 15ml Passoa

  • 15ml Triple Sec

  • 20ml Lime Juice

  • Who doesn't love a Margarita?! Adding Passoa just adds that little bit of Fun to proceedings. You'll need a Cocktail Shaker for this one. Add the Ingredients to a Shaker. Ice it Up. Shake lie you wanna wake it. Double Strain into a Chilled Margarita Glass. (Or Coupe/Martini Glass!)

5 Passoa Cocktails to make at Home
5 Passoa Cocktails to make at Home

Passoa Sangria

  • 50ml Passoa

  • 150ml Rosé Wine

  • Back to the simple Serves with this one. Just add the ingredients to a Wine Glass. Add Ice, Oranges and Berries to Garnish. Job Done.

  • HOWEVER, if you fancy getting a little bit more technical. How about turning it into a Spritz?! Add some Lemonade, or even Better Cava, or Prosecco!

Passbour Cooler

  • 45ml Bourbon Whiskey

  • 25ml Cherry Brandy

  • 25ml Passoa

  • 90ml Cranberry Juice

  • This works an absolute treat. Add all the ingredients to a Shaker. Bring the Gun show and Shake it HARD. Serve up in your favourite Highball Glass! Garnish...well Orange. Maybe Mint. Whatever you fancy!