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Hurricane Cocktail Recipe

How to make this AMAZINGLY Simple and Tasty Cocktail

Personally speaking, I think this is a very Easy Rum Cocktails to make at home, or in Pubs & Bars. And once people try it, it's definitely going to be a must add Cocktail to your Menus! And I'm obviously biased but I think this is the Best Hurricane Cocktail Recipe too. I mean, it's a simple Cocktail in the first place, but it can a few little tweaks can make the world of difference. My Hurricane Cocktail almost identical to the Classic Hurricane Recipe. And the Hurricane Cocktail recipes at the Hard Rock Cafe. Alls I'm doing is arguably just flipping out the traditional Rum, to use Bayou Spiced Rum, which is from New Orleans, which makes this a true Hurricane Cocktail New Orleans style!

Now the history behind this Cocktail is a little vague. It is claimed that it was invented at the Hurricane Bar in New York, back in 1939. However, there is no doubt that this truly came to fame in New Orleans. Namely at the Pat o'Briens Bar. I have seen many recipes. Most of which have made the cocktail way ore complex than what it actually needs to be. Sugar, Orange Juice, 2 different Rums. But Me, i like to think Beachbum Berry and his Tiki research are pretty much spot on. So I don't stray too far from this!


BUY A Hurricane Glass - 50ml Bayou Spiced Rum - 30ml Passion Fruit Purée - 20ml Fresh Lemon Juice - Pulp of Half a Passion Fruit - 5ml Pomegranate Syrup


You can make this Cocktail in a Shaker. OR, you can do what I have done and make it straight into a Hurricane Glass. Add all the ingredients to the glass. Add a little Crushed Ice. Swizzle. The top up with more Ice. Garnish with a Passion Fruit.

The Hurricane Cocktail

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