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How to make a Sloe Gin Fizz - My flip on a stonking recipe!

One of my fave Gins at this time of year is Sloe Gin, and I often get asked how to make a Sloe Gin Fizz Cocktail. It’s blooming lush and so simple to make. And in my opinion, such a staple for Christmas Day. Much better than the go to Bucks Fizz that’s been a Crimbo staple since the year dot!!

The Sloe Gin Fizz is just a very simple mix of Sloe Gin, the better the Gin, the better the Taste. Don’t get me wrong, if you like the taste of Gordon's Sloe, brilliant. I’m not knocking it. But there are some lovely others out there. My go to is Warner Edwards Sloe Gin, I love that and that fits my personal taste buds, but Chase have a game changer too. Slightly different, but luscious! Sloe Gin and Mulberry! WOW.

Where was I?! Yeah, so the Sloe Gin Fizz...A champagne Flute with Sloe Gin, Lemon Juice, Sugar and Prosecco...or if you’re like me, Cava.

However, for this Christmas, I wanted to create something slightly different, not just for my Events, but for personal consumption over the festive period too. So, I’ve come up with the Festive Spritz.

I’m not the kind of mixologist Barman that want’s 15 different random ingredients. I like simplicity and quickness, because for me, I actually can’t be arsed to take 5 minutes to make a drink. Why do you need to?! Simple drinks taste soooo good.

So, for this drink, my inspiration is the huge summer sensation, the Aperol Spritz and the Sloe Gin Fizz/French 75 vibe.

I started serving this up in a Gin Balloon, but now I’ve actually serving it in a Wine glass as I think it looks better and the liquid to ice ratio is much better!

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So, How to make a Festive Spritz;

My Festive Spritz recipe is as follows...

  • 50ml Sloe Gin

  • 15ml Lemon Juice

  • 15ml Sugar Syrup

  • 75ml Fever Tree Clementine and Cinnamon Tonic

  • Top up with Prosecco.

You don’t even need to shake the ingredients. Just pour the first 4 in glass and gently stir for a few seconds with some decent Ice.

To garnish, again simple is key. I’m loving my dehydrated oranges at the moment, and I think that looks amazing, and adds that little bit of orangey extra to the finished drink.

Let me know what you think!



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