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How to make a Pornstar Martini

Coming up in this video, I'm gonna show you how to make the most awesome Porn Star martini. This has been my recipe for God knows how many years and it's an absolute cracker. Whenever I roll this out at events, cocktail master classes, everyone absolutely loves it. Slightly different to the original recipe, more geared towards hen parties, and teaching so you can make it for yourselves at home. If you want to know how to make Porn Star martini then stay tuned.

Hello welcome back, this is part two of my eight part cocktail mini series I'm rolling out on this YouTube channel. I keep getting asked time and time again by all my events, my cocktail master classes is there any way Steve, is there any way we can watch how you make these cocktails because we love them so much we want to be able to make them for ourselves at our next event or anything like that.

This is what this mainly is all about. I'm finally getting around to it. First video was mojitos, this one is Porn Star martinis. As I said right at the top, recipe is slightly flipped up so you can make it for yourselves at home with absolutely no ingredient substitution. It's absolutely amazing, I love this. It's the recipe I've been rolling out for God knows how many years. Absolutely stunning. Let's get straight into it.

Glass we're gonna use is a martini glass or if you're like me coupe glasses. At events I'm on the road, they're slightly more indestructible than the nice 'V' shaped martinis so I use these baby champ glasses, whatever you want to call them. Absolutely. Crushed ice just gonna go in there, just gonna chill that down because we want a nice cold glass to start off with.

Right. We're gonna make this, we're gonna shake it. This is where the fun comes. First ingredient you want is the vodka. This is where the first ingredient flip is because the original recipe is vanilla vodka. Now at your supermarkets you really struggle to get Absolut Vanilla, that's the main vanilla vodka. It is out there sometimes, other times it's not so my recipe is so you can make this all the time. Normal vodka, doesn't really matter too much about the vodka. Also I will say try and stick to the 40 percent stuff, it just cuts through the juice a bit more than the [inaudible 00:02:17] 37 and a half percent, but Stolli is the brand I've been using for years and years so I did flirt and go back with Absolut again for a while, but I've been using Stolli for ages. No right or wrong, I just love it.

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Now when I'm teaching my cocktail master classes yes, I do teach them just so they're not for asking around, I do say to them 50 mL double measure. For this, 35 mL I think is the absolute cracking perfect ratio, so 35 mL of vodka goes in there. Second ingredient, this is where the hens get all excited. Passoa. if you don't know what Passoa is, it's passion fruit liqueur, every single supermarket will sell this, normally 12 pounds a bottle, quite a lot of time on offer at 10 pounds a bottle. It's only 17 percent, 17 percent ABV, absolutely cracking. Actually made or owned by Remy, Remy Martin cognac, France. Yeah, cracking ingredient. Now 25 mL goes in there, okay? I got 35 mL vodka, 25 mL of Passoa.

Now what I use to get the vanilla from is vanilla sugar. As I said in the mojito video, it's exactly the same way. Equal amounts of granulated sugar boiled down with bottled water, not tap water, bottled water. Then I use vanilla extract. I can never remember, I can't even say it, I can never remember the brand of it, but I use it. The bottle's about that big. It's a browny label, it's about six quid for vanilla extract, better than Essence okay? It gives you a better taste. If you want to buy it, coffee aisle in the super markets, they've always got three bottles of Monin, hazelnut, caramel and vanilla. Just buy it, it's about three, four pound for a little tiny bottle of vanilla sugar, but so easy to make yourself, especially if you're gonna go Porn Star crazy.

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15 mL okay? No more than 15, one, five, 15 mL of that, any more than that and it will be over sweet and that's not what you want. Right, the fourth ingredient is a lime wedge. I've just pre cut one there, you just want to squeeze the whole lime wedge in, nice and juicy. That's all the citrus you need. We just get rid of it. Oh, I've got it.

Then your passion fruit juice, okay? Now, the original recipe is puree. Back in the days when I started this you couldn't get puree if you weren't in the trade. It was very much on trade accounts only. Funkin that's the big one, they have got it out now, you can get it at Ocado places like that. You still can't get it in supermarkets, but you can get it online. Amazon or Ocado direct from Funkin. However, I like to use the juice. For me it gives a better taste but it also adds to the fun as well because when you shake it you'll see this nice frothy consistency. It's all about the shake faces in the cocktail master classes and we have a bit of fun with that, so that's half the reason why I use the juice but I absolutely love it.

Pornstar Martini
How to make a Pornstar Martini

Now I'm gonna measure this. When I get the hens I just say to them about halfway up the glass but just so we know where we're going, 100 mL okay? My martini glasses is slightly bigger than what most high street martini glasses would be, so 100 mL all right? Bigger because I like to give value for money. Now I'm not a tight-ass all right? I've got passion fruit juice in there. Now I'm just gonna ice up the glass. Just got plenty of ice in there, that will do us. Take our tin, now the tin always goes on a slight angle just like that and all will be revealed why in a minute.

Flip it upside down, now you're just gonna shake this really hard for about 12 seconds so hopefully you should see this nice and gonna say, nice and cold. It's gonna get a bit noisy for a couple minutes. I get really serious when I'm shaking. My shake face is terrible. Right, now can you see how frothy that is? That is absolutely amazing. Let's get a close up there. There we go. Now right, hopefully this should work, never lets me down.

Look at the angle of the glass okay? All’s it should do, it should just pull out nice and easy, like that. Some bartenders will give it a little tap, that's absolutely fine. Others bang on the side of the bar. You don't need to do that. Look at the angle of the shaker. Simple physics okay? Look at the angle. Shortest way to break the vacuum, just pulls out. Never pull it against that way, never twist it, you'll be there till Christmas or Easter or months in advance, so there. Just flip, there we go, pull it out. On the side.

Now, Hawthorne strainer goes on top, spring side down. Okay? Get ready for our ice. You don't have to fight arse around with the next bit. I like to. I like to catch all of that tiny shards of ice in my drink, I don't want them, I just want nice smooth silky Porn Star martini so we're gonna double strain for a tea strainer, and look at that. Look how amazing and frothy is that. Some bars will use pineapple juice. For me, the recipe is a vanilla and passion fruit martini. That's originally what a Porn Star martini is, so I don't like to use pineapple juice and I don't think it works. I don't think it works as well as the passion fruit juice. There we go look, bang on perfect. We just got a couple of mL off the top of the glass simply because we need to garnish it with our passion fruit.

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There we go and that takes it perfectly up to the top of the glass. Now traditionally this is served with a side shot of Prosecco on top, but I'm not gonna crack open a bottle of Prosecco for this, but it's served with a side shot of Prosecco. The whole point being is the palate cleanser before the cocktail. If you want to put it in your cocktail absolutely fine. I'm not gonna here to tell you don't do that. That's up to you. You drink it how you want to drink it, but traditionally it is the palate cleanser. Just on the side, sip it, before each mouthful of Porn Star. Sip it down in one, whatever you want to do. There we go.

Sorry, burping there. That is the Porn Star martini, hope you've enjoyed that recipe and affiliate links of where you can get some of the ingredients from in the show notes. Be coming up in video three. I've forgotten what we're doing. Oh got a flip on a dark and stormy. It's a rhubarb spiced and story. If you want to do that make sure you catch video three.

Thanks for watching this video, I'd love to know what you thought so let me know in the comments below. If you don't want to miss any of my future videos, then I'd appreciate you hitting that magical subscribe button and subscribing to this channel. And if you want to follow me on a daily basis then you can find me every day over on Instagram @stevethebarman. I'd love to hear from you so make sure you send me a DM to let me know you found me over on YouTube. If you want to watch more of my stuff right now then hit one of the onscreen links and that will take you to my most recent or most related video. I've been Steve the Barman and I'll catch you next time.


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