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How to make a Mojito

When I do Cocktail Masterclasses, I always start with the question, " Who has ever had a bad Mojito experience?!". The vast majority of the group always put their hands up. Which of course, leads to many people not actually liking the Cocktail. But I normally always find that once I teach them how to make a Mojito properly, they fall in love with it.

The 2 Common issues;

  1. Too much/too little Sugar.

  2. Muddled Mint which makes the drink quite Bitter.

In this video, I'll show you how to make a Mojito PERFECTLY every time for your own palate! That's the key. Everyone has a different palate and requires a different amount of sweetness.

Mojito Recipe;

To make the Mojito;

  • Cut the end off the Lime, then cut the Lime into 6 Wedges. Pop all the wedges into a Glass

  • Add your Sugar Syrup. Remember, even if you think you may need more, you can always adjust at the end. Too much sugar to start, and you may have ruined the Cocktail. Adding more Lime juice simply won't work!

  • Muddle the Limes to get all the juice and the lovely flavours out of the Lime skins.

  • Pick off 8-10 Mint leaves and "Spank" them in the palm of your hand, then add them to your Glass.

  • Add the Rum

  • Add Soda water - but don't over-dilute. I always say "Half fill a Hiball".

  • Add Crushed Ice

  • Churn the Drink - bring all the Limes and the Mint to the top. Remember the Sugar is heavy so will be at the bottom of the glass.

  • Top with More Crushed Ice

  • Garnish with a fresh Sprig of Mint, which sits right beside a straw, so when you have a sop, it's the Mint aroma that you get first.

Cheap Bar Tools that you might find useful;


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