5 Lillet Blanc Cocktail Recipes - How to drink Dry Vermouth

This video is dedicated to Lillet Blanc Vermouth. I’ve got 5 Vermouth cocktails that you’re going to absolutely love. They are easy cocktails you can make at home with Vermouth. Do you want to know how to drink vermouth? Or what to mix with Lillet? Do you even want to know what is vermouth? Well Lillet Blanc is a Vermouth, and a Vermouth is essentially a fortified Wine. You can get more details here from my previous Vermouth Video; https://youtu.be/piqeQSYIkwA

In this Video I will show you how to serve vermouth. These 5 vermouth recipes are great. Yes I’ve used Lillet, but you can also substitute these vermouth recipes with Martini which is another dry vermouth. Martini Cocktails are also delicious. I’ve just preferred to use lillet as it suits my palate a little more.

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Lillet Rose


50ml Lillet Blanc - https://stblive.uk/lilletblanc

100ml Rose Lemonade

Freeze Dried Strawberries - https://stblive.uk/brixfruit

Lillet Berry


50ml Lillet Blanc - https://stblive.uk/lilletblanc

100ml Franklin & Sons Mallorcan Tonic

5ml Creme de Mure - https://stblive.uk/mure



50ml Lillet - https://stblive.uk/lilletblanc

10ml Elderflower - https://stblive.uk/odkelderflower

100ml Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon Mixer - https://stblive.uk/ddcucumbercan

Lime & Mint



50ml Lillet - https://stblive.uk/lilletblanc

10ml Sugar - https://stblive.uk/sugarsyrup

1 Lime cut into Wedges

10-12 Mint Leaves

100ml Sisters Soda Pomegranate & Hibiscus - https://stblive.uk/sisterspomegranate

Lillet le Blanc

Wine Glass

40ml Lillet - https://stblive.uk/lilletblanc

20ml Cognac - https://stblive.uk/martelvsop

15ml Honey - https://stblive.uk/moninhoney

20ml Lime

40ml Orange Juice

1 Sprig Rosemary