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Hibiscus Hula

One of my favourite "Non Proper" Rum's to come out of Great Britain at the moment is Goldstone's Lime & Ginger Rum. But don't let this fool you. While it might be a Flavoured Rum, it's not sweet, and it's not fake. Many hours have been spent Peeling fresh Limes and chopping Ginger, which gets thrown into the Still and Distilled! NOT infused or Macerated, DISTILLED.

And if you haven't cottoned on yet. That was sarcasm above. This IS a Proper Rum. It's nothing like a commercial-flavoured Rum with dropper bottles. This is distilling Skills! I absolutely love this stuff in a Daiquiri, in a Mojito...and with Hibiscus!


25ml Hibiscus Blend

5 Drops Saline Solution (4:1)

45ml Soda

My Hibiscus Blend

I know many people will infuse their own Hibiscus Blends using Flowers and Spices, but I like to be faff free, and I always have a lot of Syrups here. So I prefer to combine flavours! This recipe makes 100ml. But if you want to make up a bottle, multiply the ingredients.


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