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Cocktail Masterclass near Royston. AND… a Gin & Tonic Reception Bar!

What a laugh this event was! It’s not that often that I get to do larger Cocktail Making Classes. And in all honesty, not something I normally encourage either. The larger the group, the more disjointed they normally become. That doesn’t mean dull…not in the slightest. But trying to keep the attention of a large group is a very difficult thing. Especially with booze flowing.

Cocktail Making Class in Royston
HenFest in Action

Anyway, Hannah had hired me for a Cocktail Masterclass for 32 Hens. The Event was called “HenFest”. Aptly named, as this was event in a rather large Back Garden, in a Marquee with loads of Hay Bails dotted around and a Bouncy Castle! Even a few of the girls donned Wellies! Brilliant!

Hannah & Gemma had organised this whole thing for their best mate. Better still, it was a complete surprise to the Bride to Be as she was ushered in, Blindfolded an hour after everyone else had already arrived. She was greeted by 4 or 5 “Butlers in the Buff”, which later transpired to be HABs… I’ve just made that up, but the opposite to WAGs!!

3:30pm to 6pm was an Open Gin & Tonic Bar. 10 Gins. Including Warner Edwards Rhubarb, Sipsmith, Hendricks, Gin Mare, Brockmans and Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper. But this weeks out and out clear favourite was Tarquins (my Cornish Friends) Blackberry & Cornish Honey Gin…served up with San Pellegrino Limonata!

Then as 6 o’clock struck, it was time to break out the Cocktail Masterclass. I had 8 Stations set up, meaning we could get 4 groups of 8 on the go each time. All was going swimmingly with the first Cocktail. The Mojito. With the exception of 2, they all got involved and made their own. Then we came to the Porn Star Martini. And that’s where we finished!! 😂🤣😂.

Doing a Masterclass for one large group of rowdy ladies, while it’s definitely hilarious…it just wasn’t going to happen! So half the girls made Porn Stars, then I made the other half, because they just wanted to drink!

Food Time…

Now, I can’t write an event review, without mentioning Food if it’s served. And boy was it served. Rob from Kura Kura was in attendance too. (Without his trusty Trailer, but that’s another story!)

I’ve been REALLY lucky to work with Rob quite a few times now. Not only is he an absolute legend, but his Sri Lankan Street Food is to die for. If you had to ask me who my favvy Cambridge based Street foodie was, I genuinely couldn’t split Steak & Honour and Kura Kura. Both completely different. Both Amazing. But I like Rob a lot, so I’m gonna pick him! And i do love a decent Curry 🍛🍚🍜!

Kura Kura Sri Lankan Street Food in Cambridge!
Kura Kura Sri Lankan Street Food in Cambridge!

After Dinner, well, the Cocktail Masterclass was never gonna happen, so I just reverted to an Open Bar mixing up a mixture of more Porn Star Martinis 🍸🍸🍸and loads of G&Ts. That’s the beauty of having years of experience. Being able to adapt to any situation…and making sure I always carry enough stock to cope with any situation. My experience told me that I was going to need a LOT more Gin…and a LOT more of the Porn Star Martini Ingredients. I was proved correct.

I bloomin Loved this event though. Those Ladies were superb Fun!

Cheers Hannah.

Great Effort.



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