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Guava Daiquiri

I have fallen in love with the Guava Daiquiri. And of course, I'm biased, but I think it works best with a British Scratch Rum simply because our Rums are better than some Caribbean Rums...

...okay seriously though. Yeah, I do love the Guava Daiquiri. And yes I love British Rums. After all this is what this blog is now all about. But of course, this cocktail will work (just not as well) with Rums from the Caribbean.

Now the thing that makes this cocktail for me, is the ODK Guava Syrup. In short, it is absolutely phenomenal. This recipe is the very recipe I was banging out at the British RumFest in 2023, and when word spread, we had exhibitors and guests alike, specifically coming over trying to grab one when I was making a batch up!

Honestly, grab an ODK Guava Syrup. You absolutely won't regret it!


The Flavour profile of the Bobs Daiquiri Bitters is as follows;

(And this is directly from Bob himself - or rather Tracey on Bob's behalf...)

  • Pineapple

  • Mint


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