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Gin Balloon Trees!

or Pornstar Martini Trees, whatever your persuasion!

I've been waiting patiently for these since late July, early August and finally 6-8 weeks later, they've arrived, hot off the slow boat from China, or wherever they came from.

Yes Ladies, and a few Gents, those of you that have booked me for your upcoming Hen Parties, and have ordered extra "Welcome/Arrival Drinks", this is exactly what you've paid your money for.

I'm so happy with them, they look absolutely stunning I'm tempted to order another one, however, most of my Hen Parties are under 24 people, so these will do perfectly for now.

And although i haven't done any photos of them, they do also hold my Champagne Flutes too, so you could have Bellini Trees at your Event.


If you've already booked me but haven't ordered these bad boys, then just email me or WhatsApp me on 07801 067853.

And if you're reading this thinking that you may actually book me now, then take a look at my Cocktail Making Masterclass packages, or my Gin Tasting Nights, then send me a message and we'll try to get you booked in, depending on availability!


Want to Buy them for yourself?!

Are you actually looking at these Gin Balloon Trees thinking, 'nah I don't wanna book him, but i'd bloomin well LOVE a tree for myself, well, fear not, you can get yours by checking out my good friends over at Drinkstuff. this link will take you straight to the Trees and by the end of the Week, you could have your own! (If they've got anymore in stock!!)


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