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Fentimans Tropical Soda Review

Comin' up in this video, I've got a very, very quick review of Fentimans brand new tropical soda.

Hello rum fans, Steve the barman here. And I'm hoping these videos will help you drink, serve and enjoy better quality rum. And at the moment spiced rum.

I've had a few comments on my social media recently. And a few questions on my YouTube videos. You guys wanna know a bit more about this brand new tropical soda from Fentimans. So I thought I'd just do a very quick video.

I have mentioned it a few times in previous videos, but I thought I'd do a very quick one just to tell you a bit more about it. This was kind of soft launched to the industry earlier on this year 2019, sort of June-July time. It was launched at Imbibe at the big bar show, and a few bars. They sent it out to a few bars to play with. Laki Kane in London was one of 'em. A few Revolution De Cuba's also had it as well. But it's only just been on general release to the consumers. While most wholesalers should have access to the small 125 ml mixer bottles, I'm starting to see the bigger, sort of traditional Fentimans 500 ml bottles come out in a few supermarkets now. Seen a couple of bottles in Morrisons and Ocado online. And I've heard that Waitrose sell 'em as well.

So why am I so excited about Fentimans Tropical Soda?

Well, something that you guys that have been watching my channel for the last couple of years, yes I did sort of do a bit of gin as well, but I've always been about rum. And the things I keep mentioning, the one thing that rum and spice rum needs to kinda explode even more, is that dedicated mixer. Yes, there are coca colas, yes, there are ginger beers. And yes, I have gone loud and proud on Schweppes 1783 Muscovado Dark Spirit Mixer.

However, the one thing that all those products have in common is they are not a catch all when it comes to rum. There's a lot of people that don't like coca cola. There's a lot of people that don't like ginger beer. And for a lot of people that Schweppes Muscovado is a bit too sweet. So I've been sort of championing something or some brand to come out and release something that is universally gonna work with rum. And I think Fentimans have absolutely nailed it with this tropical soda.

So what exactly is Fentimans Tropical Soda?

Well, in a nutshell it is a pineapple and cardamom soda water. It has got more sweetness than a traditional soda water, but it is less sweet than sort of your Lilts and your Tings and your Coca Colas. It still very much got that kind of soda pallet to it. And with keeping with Fentimans tradition there's also a couple more ingredients in it as well. I'm just gonna read you them, pear juice concentrate, juniper berry, kaffir lime leaves, and lemongrass. When all those flavours come together I just think this is a superb mixer for rums and a lot of the spiced rums that I've already tried on this channel.

This tropical mixer is kind of a stand alone mixer. You could just have it with your rum, just as that. As you would do a rum and coke or a rum and ginger beer. That works an absolute treat with a lot of rums and coconut rums as well, coconut and pineapple. I hate to say it, but ya things like Malibu and things like that that's gonna work exceptionally well with those. I kinda go a bit stronger. I do use Dead Man's Fingers coconut which is a 37.5% Rum. But there's so many decent coconut rums on there. That's gonna work very well.

How to use Fentimans Tropical Soda in Cocktails

Fentimans Tropical Soda Mojito
Fentimans Tropical Soda Mojito

But you can also use this as a cocktail ingredient as well. Think what traditionally what can you replace sodas with. You've got things like spritzes, that you can kinda make a tropical spritz with that. Spiced rum a bit of that bit of prosecco, maybe some lime juice in there as well. You can flip out with the coconut rum and the tropical soda and a bit of prosecco as well. And you've got this whole kind of tropical spritz thing going on. Or there's one very big famous cocktail that you can swap that tropical soda in for, get rid of your traditional soda. What am I talking about? Yes, I'm talking about the Mojito. Just absolutely amazing. Traditional mojito there for me. I've got Havana three year old, I've dialled down the sugar just very, very slightly. 'Cause as I say that is a touch sweeter than traditional soda water. But apart from that all I've done is the traditional. Same amount of lime in there, mints, double measure of Havana three year old. That just makes an absolutely amazing tropical mojito.

So all you rum fans out there I urge you to get very excited about this. Track down your local supermarket. If they haven't got it yet, ask them when they're gonna get it. Get on to Fentimans on social media. Go and try it, go and check out Ocado, Waitrose, I think, and Morrisons. Get on there your 500 ml bottles. If you're in the industry, tap your wholesaler up. So that's been Fentimans tropical soda. Hope you enjoyed that.


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