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Event Round Up - 10/12/18

Another busy weekend in Steve the Barman land. 3 Events. All totally different.

First up on Friday was some corporate shenanigans. I was helping Anglia Case Management get in to the Crimbo spirit. Literally. With practitioners based all around Suffolk, Cambs and Norfolk, they hired a pavilion in a village called Rattlesden, which is kind of near Bury St Edmunds. 50 Guests. Myself. Local Butcher with a mini Hog Roast. (Are we calling it a Suckling?!!). And a Live Band.

Highlights of my service were the G&Ts, Winter Brambles (a traditional Bramble with a Pear and Spice twist) and my Festive Spritz (Sloe Gin, Fever Tree Clementine Tonic and Prosecco)

Second up, on Saturday I was down in Brentwood, Essex to help Sam celebrate his 30th Birthday. Well, a kind of a pre-celebration. His real birthday is Crimbo Eve, so this was a good excuse to have a party and get friends and family together from all over the UK.

40 people, give or Take, and me set up in his lounge/dinner. Right next to his upright climate controlled wine fridge. You know the ones. Cool Expensive pieces of kit, Glass doors, Cold enough to get Bubbly Icey chilled at the top, but can set the bottom half to warmer temps...8/10s for your Pinot Noir's and 12/14 for your Full Bodied Reds. Nice!!

Cocktail wise, well again, a good even mix. Plenty of Winter Brambles. Plenty of G&Ts and plenty of those sexy Festive Spritz’s. Video coming soon on YouTube.

Also, shout outs to my new Instagram Friends. Say hello to the lovely @mywardobeutopia and @opulentlovejewellery ladies!!

hire a bartender for a house party

Then on to Sunday. A short and sweet Cocktail Making Masterclass to finish the weekend. This was to cap off a business called “The Popcorn Experience” workshop day.

All day the new recruits had been taught how to do Make Up and Hair Styling. So what better way to finish up than to get them making Mojitos and putting their Pornstar Martini Shakefaces to the test.

mixology class at home

I was on for about an hour. Just 12 girls, but they were great fun. Laughs, giggles and boomerangs!! I was done by 5pm which left them enough time to pop on the little black dresses and head out for dinner. After all, their make up and hair had already been done.

Next event is next Friday. And it’s a biggie. In the museum of zoology in Cambridge.


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