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Easy Rum Cocktail Recipes - Mango Rum & AMAZING TIKI Cocktail

In this Easy Rum Cocktail Recipes video, I am using Dead Mans Fingers Mango Rum to show you how easy it is to knock out Rum cocktail recipes at home! Rum Cocktails are Great. when you're having a party, they are the party spirit that just puts smiles on faces! And Dead Mans Fingers Rum Cocktails can be up there with the best, for that. Don't get me wrong, DMF is far from being proper Rum. BUT. When it comes to Fun cocktails, yeah they smash it!

In this Dead Mans Fingers Rum Cocktails recipe, I am using the Mango Dead Mans Fingers to create an amazing Tiki Cocktail. It has a subtle hint of Chilli and Tiki Spices, then to match up with the Mango flavours of the rum, I've added some Coconut and Limoncello to create an all-around quirky Rum Cocktail. Even with just 5ml of the Giffard Piment (Chilli) Liqueur, you still get a healthy kick of heat. But the fun Tropical notes make this one heck of a Rum Cocktail.


Let me know what you think about this recipe. And if you make it, make sure you tag me on Instagram or Facebook.


15ml Monin Coconut Syrup

30ml Mango Juice

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