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Coconut and Orange Daiquiri

Koko Kanu Coconut Rum Cocktail Riffs.

While having a little play about with the Koko Kanu Coconut rum, I came up with a little riff on a Coconut Daiquiri. I had a bottle of local Orange Juice and decided to use that instead of Lime in this Cocktail. I had had Coconut and Orange Drinks before, so i know they worked, but wasn't too sure about a Daiquiri. Once made, I then added a little bit of my favourite Orange Liqueur, Fortunella, which is actually a Kumquat liqueur and it really tied the Cocktail up nicely. This is simply stunning, refreshing and super tasty. Anyone that says they don't like this is simply lying!

Watch the Video...

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Coconut and Orange Cocktail Recipe


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